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FinTech Foundation Programme

Candidates will be introduced to Financial Technology (FinTech) and its foundational concepts, including design thinking and blockchain…

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SGUS Blockchain Talent Programme

The Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Singapore Blockchain Association (SBA) are pleased to introduce the Blockchain Talent Programme (BTP). This is a Programme offered to trainees with coding background such as engineering and computer science to become blockchain developers, project managers, business analysts and consultants in the Financial Services Industry..

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Leveraging Fintech for Business

This programme will deepen your understanding of the rapidly changing Fintech landscape and the impact of new innovations on traditional business models. You will explore current and emerging technologies around financial payments and markets, business model innovations, digital strategy, and advanced analytics..

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FinTech & Innovation

Fintech is the new trend in the financial sector. Fintech is reshaping how financial institutions are improving customer experience and developing new business models..


Digital Payment Innovations - Building a Business Case to Capture Market Opportunities

The e payment landscape in Singapore is set to change with the endorsement of the Singapore Payment Service Bill and the opening up of the FAST infrastructure. There will be opportunities for banks and non bank fintech collaboration and/or partnership for integration and go to market. This workshop looks at the payment regulatory framework and digital payment pain points to build business case for digital payment innovations..

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FinTech Innovation System

The goal of this program is to provide a structured approach to how startupsare built in Silicon Valley. At the end of the 2day program, participants will have an understanding of the basic elements of a startup with the characteristics of successful enterprises that can scale. One important element is to equip participants with a deep understanding of Proof of Concept (POC)..

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Mastering Fintech: An Integrated and Hands-on Approach

This course will offer a comprehensive introduction to emerging Fintech technologies and their application in different business areas. Through discussions, case studies and reflections, this workshop will deepen the participants' understanding of the rapidly evolving FinTech landscape and the emerging Fintech technologies and their application in different business areas. Participants will also develop skills and knowledge in data analytics..

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Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

This course aims to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The course focuses on learning how to apply AI and ML to solve real-life problems. Through practical sessions, participants will experience the setting up and use of a simple machine learning tools that do not require coding..

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Fintech for Real: AI in Banking & Finance

Artificial intelligence ( AI ) has become a new factor of production for many enterprises and a key source of competitive advantage for many companies and industries. Understanding how AI works and how it will permeate the banking and finance industries are essential for all finance industry practitioners..


Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey

You will understand what blockchain is, how it works and its key benefits to businesses. Students will also become familiar with the various use cases on adoption of the blockchain technology and earn how to design a blockchain for your business..

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Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain has gone from the esoteric underpinning of Bitcoin to a hyped-up technology that businesses in every sector believe could have a transformational effect. Many enterprises are now heavily investing in blockchain applications. In PwC's 2018 global blockchain, 84 percent of the 600 executives from 15 territories who responded said..

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AI, Blockchain, Quantum Computing and Cloud in Banking and Insurance

In this 2-day course, we will look at the rapidly changing technological landscape using concrete case studies collected globally. We seek to examine how millennials, boomers, nations and corporates are changing and adapting to cope as technology forces change in how we..

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Design Thinking for Successful Problem Solving

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Big Data Analytics

This course will introduce participants to the key areas of performing analytics on various sets of data and how different tools and approaches enable organizations to perform Big Data Analytics. The participants will develop skills which will make them more productive and become valuable assets to their organization..


Cyber Security Essentials

The Cyber Security Essentials course provides an overview of the various domains of cyber security and covers the essential principles of Network Security; Compliance and Operational Security; Threats and Vulnerabilities; Application, Data and Host Security; Access Control and Integrity Management; and Cryptography..


CFTE Masterclass – AI in Finance: Private Banking

This Masterclass on the subject of AI in Finance, will equip you with a competitive understanding of AI in the industry and highlight how you seize the opportunities that this new technology brings within Private Banking. After the session, you will not only have a better understanding of AI applications in this sector, but you will also familiarize yourself with the calibre of CFTE courses..