Codes Of Conduct

Singapore Fintech Association members will:

  • Always act with integrity
  • Accept full responsibility for their actions
  • Always aim to improve their competence
  • Always act with professionalism and enhance the prestige of the Association

1. Integrity
SFA members will:

  • Act with complete discretion when entrusted with confidential information.
  • Be impartial when giving advice and will disclose any relevant personal interests.

2. Full Responsibility

  • SFA members will be fully responsible and accountable for their actions.

3. Competence

  • SFA members will continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills and keep abreast of relevant developments in the FinTech industry.

4. Professionalism
SFA members will:

  • Uphold and improve the professional standards of the Association.
  • Not speak on behalf of the Association without proper authority.
  • Not slander the professional reputation of any other person.
  • Use their knowledge and skills for the advancement of the FinTech ecosystem.
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