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Avvanz offers Individual level Background Checks (including the mandatory MOM workpass related checks) and Company Due Diligence solutions via our multi award winning Tech platforms.

Write in to [email protected] and ask for the SFA Promo Code.

Kannan Chettiar


Sumsub is a full-cycle verification platform that secures every step of the user journey. With Sumsub’s customizable KYC, KYB, AML, Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Prevention solutions, you can orchestrate your verification process, welcome more customers worldwide, meet compliance requirements, reduce costs and protect your business.

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Penny Chai

Frontier e-HR Pte Ltd

Frontier e-HR is an enterprise-wide Human Resource Management System ( HRMS ) with robust functionality, scalable architecture and seamless integration between each module. It enhances the user experience through an intuitive, simple and effective user interface. Your company, be it a single entity or a conglomerate with regional or global presence, will see immediate benefits in our integrated suite of HR software.

Through a single deployment designed around the way you work, your employees are empowered to perform self-service functions with Frontier e-HR’s HRMS anytime, anywhere. A good and productive employee can be the product of your company!

Solution is Applicable for ESG Grant and Productivity Solutions Grant

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Verawaty Godri

Ethixbase 360 Pte Ltd

Ethixbase360 offers unparalleled insights into supply chain risks through its unique third-party risk management platform and configurable due diligence solutions. With a focus on anti-corruption, human rights, labor and ESG, supported by market-leading technology, Ethixbase360 provides organizations with a deep and broad view of risks across their entire supply chain.

Founded in 2011 with a mission to bring transparency to third-party networks, Ethixbase360 has helped hundreds of companies gain greater visibility into their supply chains.

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Amanda Ong

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solution is a global reg-tech company that helps organisations manage financial crime, fraud risk and payment optimization. We offer data and solutions covering the following:

Financial Crime Compliance: Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer and Vendor Risk Assessment, Third-Party Vetting, Watchlist Screening, transaction screening, transaction monitoring, Trade Compliance

Fraud and Identity: Fraud Analytics, Identity Verification and Authentication, Behavioral Biometrics, Email risk intelligence

Payment Efficiency: Validate account and bank details, Enrich payments data in ERP and payment processing platforms, Route payments efficiently through cross-border and domestic payment networks

Discount: Speak to us to discuss commercials

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Shyanne Chen

Merkle Science

Merkle Science provides three products, a wallet monitoring AML service that enables you to screen suspicious wallets for AML risks for regulatory compliance, a rule engine that helps you customise behaviour-based rules for cryptocurrency companies and a forensics tool to investigate cryptocurrency crime. Our customers are cryptocurrency exchanges, OTC desks, government agencies, banks and financial institutions.

Discount of 15% for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Ian Lee

Jewel Paymentech

Capture is a rapid digital onboarding platform with automated KYC due diligence and risk scoring for enterprises. It supports both 24/7 self-service sign up and via assisted sales channels with ready workflows for your organisation's internal and external users, allowing a seamless customer onboarding on a single platform and giving you performance analytics such as turnaround time. Modular features include credit risk underwriting, UBO identification, automated annual review, connectivity to third party data sources such as Mastercard MATCH, etc. No complex integration required. Capture is currently utilised by leading FIs, domestic payment networks and merchant acquirers in the region.

Discount of 15% for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Sales

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer offers award-winning RegTech solutions to seamlessly simplify, digitise and streamline corporate onboarding and on-going due diligence operations for Fintechs and financial institutions worldwide. Via one single API or easy-to-use compliance platform, Know Your Customer automates UBO identification through unparalleled real-time connections to company registry, reduces financial crime risk via integrated AML monitoring, streamlines processes through agile automation, and makes organisations audit-ready at all times with in-built reporting.

With Know Your Customer, teams reduce the time needed to onboard a new corporate customer from 26 days to just one day. Our intelligent use of automation and configurable workflows provide a smoother customer experience, seamless compliance operations and stronger regulatory controls.

Discounted rate (for new KYC clients only) and free trial for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant and Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Stephanie Zhu - Senior Marketing Manager, APAC

+852 5808 2152

Quant Legaltech

Our simple email workflow makes collaboration easy and disaggregates compliance tasks to the right person in the organisation who can execute the compliance. Over time, a repository of compliance proofs gets built, which is priceless at the time of audits, due diligence and fundraising.

Complius® offers all of the below and more:
- A compliance platform that allows obligations to be disaggregated to the lowest level in the company where they can be competently executed.
- An intuitive legal-summary database compiled with explanatory notes.
- Email workflows that mimic the platform, enabling compliances to be executed and proofs uploaded directly from a user’s inbox, while enabling easier collaboration
- Automated Reporting functions that provide complete transparency and keep the company audit-ready.
- Escalation protocols and C-Suite tools that enable management to drive Tone from the Top.

Discount of 20% off subscription fees for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Aditya Bhat

Napier Technologies Pte Ltd

Transaction Monitoring + Client Activity Review + Risk Based Scorecard on the Napier Platform.

Discount of 20% for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Robin Lee

PayShield Pte. Ltd.

Payshield can provide payment fraud protection and management directly to SFA members who sell products online OR alternatively for those SFA members who sell products and services to e commerce merchants, Payshield can enable These members to be agents or resellers for payment protection products and services.

Payshield will offer a Consultation plus Payment Fraud & Chargeback Management Strategy document free of charge (worth USD1500) to SFA members until the end of 2020

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Jared Roalfe

ti&m Pte Ltd

One of the key modules in our Channel Suite is the ID-Check. ID-Check allows for fully digital on-boarding and opening of customer(or supplier) accounts in just a few seconds. Individuals are reliably identified by first scanning identification documents, such as an ID card or passport and then followed by a liveness detection check. This allows for a fully automated eKYC and identification process without any manual checks. ID-Check covers all the relevant aspects of customer identification and creates reports on completion. The solution is ready to go live out of the box in just a few days.

Discounts are provided on a Case by Case basis

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Pramoj Sankar


Automate customer on-boarding processes with KYC screening APIs

Harnessing the global power of Refinitiv™ World-Check® Risk Intelligence and the next generation of screening software, the Refinitiv™ World-Check® One API allows the integration of large volumes of information and advanced functionalities into existing workflows and internal systems – streamlining the screening process for onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC) and third-party risk due diligence. With a team of hundreds of specialist researchers and analysts across the globe, the database covers PEPs, global sanctions lists, regulatory and law enforcement lists, negative media, vessels information and more.

Speak to Refinitiv to discuss commercials

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Matt McPherson

Stradegi Solutions Pte Ltd

Our solutions enable financial institutions to modernise, optimise and innovate in the areas of Business Operations, Compliance & KYC, TBML and Transaction Monitoring, Communication and Collaboration & Robotic Process Automation.

- nFlows: Business Platform Solutions for Operations, Risk, Compliance, KYC

- nTrac: TBML and Transaction Monitoring

- SyBOT: Communication and Collaboration

- RPA: Process Automation

Discount of 15% for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant and Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Paul Joseph

Cynopsis Solutions

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, Cynopsis Solutions offers RegTech solutions designed to digitise and automate Compliance and regulatory processes, in particular know-your-customer, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorism financing. Cynopsis Solutions’ accolades include MAS FinTech Awards (2018), RegTech100 (2018, 2019) and Financial Times Top 50 High Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific.

Our end-to-end KYC/AML solutions are designed according to the global FATF recommendations, applicable to more than 180 jurisdictions and is already helping more than a thousand B2B customers in the Banking, Financial Services, FinTech and Cryptocurrency, Professional Services and Gaming sectors globally.

Discount of up to 20% for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Name : Chionh Chye Kit

Designation: CEO & Co-Founder

Contact Number: 9648 2210

U-Reg Pte. Ltd.

U-Reg’s repository solution eliminates the repetitive process of exchanging the same documents multiple times. It includes a number of features specifically developed for KYC, and for other regulatory processes, that effectively allows for a "continuous KYC".

U-Reg also structures a set of data that is essential to all KYC requests. Through features and applications embedded in our platform, we bring significant cost reductions and improved efficiencies to clients who have to exchange data and regulatory forms.

Please contact directly regarding discounts

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Florian Dumas

Onfido Pte Ltd

Onfido is the new identity standard for the internet. Our AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics.

Our AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics.

Please contact directly regarding discounts

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Dan Sea


Elliptic is the global leader in cryptoasset risk management solutions for crypto businesses and financial institutions worldwide. Recognized as a WEF 2020 Technology Pioneer and backed by investors including Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, SBI Group, and Santander Innoventures, Elliptic has assessed risk on transactions worth several trillion dollars, uncovering activities related to money laundering, terrorist fundraising, fraud, and other financial crimes. Elliptic is headquartered in London with offices in New York, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Crypto AML/CFT compliance solutions including wallet screening, transaction monitoring, investigation, and Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) screening.

Please contact directly to discuss commercials

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Yvonne Ng

Unlimited Cloud Pte Ltd

Unlimited Cloud Pte Ltd was established in 2019 September with ACRA. Our Mission Putting YOU in the center of KYC. The goals are simple: safety and security. Our Vision Our vision is to create a secured, safe and regulatory compliant customer onboarding solution.

The Secured ID is a cutting-edge e-KYC solution delivered by Unlimited Cloud Pte Ltd, helping banking, financial sector, fintech and cross border payments companies reduce manual interference and making customer onboarding process quick and secure.

Discount of 15% for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Allen Bailochan Tuladhar


Automate your AML compliance with the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer 2020.

ComplyAdvantage is the financial industry’s leading source of AI-driven financial crime risk data and detection technology. More than 600 enterprises in 75 countries rely on ComplyAdvantage to understand the risk of who they’re doing business with through the world's only global, real-time database of people and companies. The company is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and actively identifies tens of thousands of risk events from millions of structured and unstructured data points every single day.

AML Onboarding & Monitoring, AML Transaction Monitoring, Payments Screening, Sanctions & Watchlists, PEPs Screening, Adverse Media Screening.

Please contact directly regarding discounts

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Heather Tan

RegTank Technology Pte Ltd

Headquartered in Singapore, Regtank offers one-stop solutions for FinTechs, navigating compliance, security and risk management challenges in the most effective manner. The patent-pending compliance software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution was awarded with the Singapore FinTech Certification by the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).

The Regtank team is made up of seasoned professionals from various financial institutions and technology firms who are familiar with the highest standard of compliance in one of the most competitive financial centres in the world.

Regtank offers one-stop solutions for Fintech organisations. With a patent-pending compliance software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Regtank utilises a risk-based approach (RBA) by integrating KYC and KYT. The solution provides a 360° risk profile by leveraging on our proprietary smart risk assessment engine which compromises relevant screenings and automatic risk scoring. With the recent integration of KYB, customers can now start to screen business entities as well. This would further increase effectiveness when conducting customer due diligence while remaining fully compliant with AML regulations.

20% Discount off for SFA members

Solution applicable for Regtech Grant

Contact Person: Louis Teo


Ekata provides global identity verification via enterprise-grade APIs and a SaaS solution. Our product suite is powered by Ekata Identity Engine, the first and only cross-border identity engine of its kind. It uses complex machine learning algorithms across the five consumer attributes of email, phone, name, physical address, and IP to derive unique data links and features from billions of real-time transactions within our customer network and the globally sourced data of our graph. Businesses around the world including Alipay, Stripe, and Microsoft use our solutions to approve more good transactions, reduce friction, and find fraud.

Ekata is the new standard in global identity verification, providing businesses worldwide the ability to link any digital transaction to the human behind it. The Ekata Identity Engine, the first and only of its kind, uses complex machine learning to combine features derived from the billions of transactions within our proprietary network and the data from our graph to deliver industry leading solutions.

Please contact directly to discuss more

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Dan Jiao

Instacheck Pte. Ltd

Instacheck offers instant KYC screening on cloud-based system or bespoke APIs to financial firms, and exporting results in PDF/Excel.

Compliance screening solutions via mobile browser

15% Discount off "Enhanced KYC screening pack" for SFA members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Ron (WhatsApp: 92702037)


Complete Cryptocurrency Compliance

Connect your customer profiles to their blockchain activities for superior risk detection and mitigation. We provide one modular dashboard for KYC, Transaction and Wallet Monitoring, Travel Rule, Reporting, Whitelisting, Blockchain Forensics, Customized Risk Detection Scenarios, and more.

Our clients are asset managers/ family offices, exchanges, banks, NFT marketplaces, fiat gateways, cross border payments/ remittance, and financial institutions utilizing digital assets.

We partner with custody solutions and other data providers for seamless onboarding, and an integrated and automated workflow that reduces false positives and manual process risk.

AML/CFT tools for mass adoption built by compliance professionals and crypto enthusiasts.

SFA Members get 10% off SME products and services

Solution is Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant and Regulatory Technology Grant

Contact Person: Anne Winston

Assurity Trusted Solutions

Assurity Trusted Solutions is the appointed Industry Engagement Office of GovTech. We empower Singapore businesses with Singpass products to reduce customer acquisition time, offer a seamless login experience and digitally sign documents.

Reduce customer acquisition time by up to 80%, offer your customers a seamless login experience and digitally sign documents with Singpass products (Myinfo, Login, Verify, Sign, Identiface).

Singpass products are free to use during the pilot phase until 31 Mar 2022.

Solution not applicable for grants

Contact Person: Leona

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Headquartered in Singapore, Bossjob is a chat-first, AI-powered hiring platform for professionals.

Our mission is to provide speedy communications between talents and bosses to eliminate the lengthy job application process through direct chat.

We revolutionise the hiring process by leveraging on online direct hire and precise intelligent-matching, where talents can gain access to curated job matches and recommendations based on their profile and job preferences to land better jobs. Similarly, bosses are quickly recommended with skilled talents that closely match their job requirements to hire better and faster.

Free to use for fellow SFA members & SFA Fintech Certified Members. Contact directly to register.

Gideon Sim


1. Product : "ABACUS" - AI Platform for financial institutions

Core technology that builds multiple predictive models in real-time using massive amount of data and hundreds of algorithms. Benefits are 1)Operational efficiencies via automation, 2)Transforming into a Data-integration Technology Platform
3)New business model development

2. Service : "ABOS" - Solution Module for non-Financial companies
ABOS(Automated Banking Operating System) is a core AI system that automates key operations in accordance with the credit cycle, from product planning to credit acquisition, account maintenance to collection.

Discount TBD

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant and Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: WON DAE RO

Cloud Ace Pte Ltd

Categories of services that are relevant to SFA members

1) Application development

2) Leveraging image and natural language intelligence to improve customer onboarding, compliance or customer service

3) Migration to a secure, stable and scalable infrastructure.

We offer a discount off the standard pricing for Google Cloud and G Suite for SFA members and can help advise on optimising costs.

See the following for notes on Google Cloud compliance with MAS guidelines


Discount of 3% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Andrew Shuttleworth

CredoLab Pte Ltd

CredoSDK: Seamlessly integrate powerful AI credit scoring technology into your mobile application using CredoSDK. Flexible APIs ensure that our scoring technology seamlessly integrates with your existing customer journey. CredoSDK enables companies to get started with AI credit scoring quickly with little hassle. Keep your risk under control and start accepting more customers with CredoSDK. Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2EKOiYd.

Discount of 50% for SFA Members

Solution applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Cristiano Samuelle

eMulya Fintech Pte Ltd

IN-D.AI comes equipped with tools for reading documents(both printed and handwritten), perform object detection, NLP, table detection and reconstruction etc

IN-D currently supports following key use-cases KYC, Bank & Financial Statement Digitization, Health Claims Processing, Invoice Processing and expense reimbursement.

Zero Deployment Costs for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Rahul Chandra

Finbots AI Solutions Pte Ltd

ZScore : Leading-edge AI-driven Credit Scorecard System


1. Credit Scorecards through customer credit lifecycle : Application, Fraud, Early-Warning, Collections

2. Higher model performance : Gini, KS, ROC, Recall

3. Advanced AI-Ensemble & ML : Utilize historical data to train and generate scorecards. Algorithms efficiently model non-linear relations and boost weaker candidates

4. Population Recency : Efficiently model & identify the risk shift in customers due to changing market conditions

5. Rapid Model Development

6. Built-in Data Pre-processing : Standardization, normalization, missing value treatment, outlier treatment, hot-encoding, etc.

7. Model Recalibration on Demand using latest data, any number of times

8. Portfolio Evaluation : Evaluate existing customer portfolio against latest Scorecards

9. Implementation : API-based & Database Agnostic through plug-in modules

Discount of 20% for SFA Members_

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Sanjay Uppal, Founder & CEO

Glee Trees Pte Ltd

Gleematic AI Robotic Process Automation solution is a highly intelligent software that is able to take over the mandate repetitive tasks such as data importing, form filling, bulk printing, data extraction, accessing online portals and extracting information from web applications through automation. This automation system will save time, money and free up precious human resources for higher value add tasks.

Discount of 10% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Ada Lim


At Orovault, we address the challenges of tracking and consolidating unstructured information across different industries and segments.

Orovault enables our clients to effortlessly capture data, process information from unstructured documents in a timely and accurate manner. This ‘automation first’ approach allows our users to fully focus their time on innovation and tasks that matter most to them.

Free subscription for a minimum of 3 months

Solution Applicable for Enterprise Development Grant

Contact Person: Lee Wei

Pand.ai Pte. Ltd.

Pand.ai's premier AI chatbots are bespoke solutions to help financial institutions achieve top-line and/or bottom-line growth by automating customer service, accelerating leads generation, and boosting sales productivity.

Pand.ai operates its business by providing a one-stop solution from conceptualizing, designing, data cleaning, developing, testing, and running the live chatbot post-production.

Discount of 10% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Ezline Lee

Taiger Singapore Pte Ltd

1) Taiger Extract – an information extraction tool that automatically identifies, extract, cleanses and validates and stores key pieces of information from an kind of complex document with high accuracy.

2) Taiger Search – an advanced semantic search engine that understands users’ queries and provide related content, expand searches precisely.

3) Taiger Converse – a humanistic Virtual assistant that understand the meaning of queries and provide users a more natural and effective experience.

10% production license for the first year. This offer is valid for 2 months after the completion of any PoC/Trial

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Woo Sooi Yung

Yun ESG Pte Ltd

Offline Non-English language to English translation engine with financial contextual intelligence based on transformer NN model. The translation engine is modular in nature to allow training of any language translation with minimal changes.Offline OCR engine with Image enhancement and super-resolution engine to improve accuracy for low resolution images. Boasts an increase in accuracy

Discount of 25% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Soo Peng


XQuant is a leading specialist for unstructured data for finance. We help financial companies to work with text data such as contracts, term-sheets, news and financial reports. Our software TS-Expert and ESG-Analytix help customers to achieve help level of automation.

TS-Expert can extract data from Term-sheet of OTC transaction and export the result with the Trade Repository (TR) format or any customized format.

Discount of 20% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Chea Srun


We are an AI & Data marketplace startup, founded in 2017, that seeks to short-circuit the development cycle of software developers by providing easy-to-use pre-trained AI models & data that are domain-specific. In this way, software developers can focus on developing their applications for their users and at the same time embed advanced AI capabilities in their work without spending too much time on training AI models.

Sentient.io’s AI and Data Platform helps software developers to quickly and easily build AI-enabled solutions using our domain-specific pre-built AI microservices with underlying pre-trained algorithm models that are accessed as pay-per-use.

By making AI-enabled and data-powered capabilities easily discoverable, Sentient.io products empower developers whether an individual, a startup or an MNC from FI industry to quickly build more intuitive applications to reach a global audience.

Our platform has over 120 APIs, ranging from curated speech-related tech, natural language processing, computer vision, to granular datasets.

For enterprises, we provide end-to-end solutions such as developing a KnowledgeBank to help back offices of FSI to institutionalise their knowledge and information extraction and classification from documents like PDF and unstructured data/documents.

1. 15% off product licensing fees (for new enterprise customers only)

2. Sentient.io platform sign-up promo code: SFA2120 for USD20 automatically topped-up into your account (for individual accounts only)

3. Free 60-mins ai co-lab consultation to find out how you can integrate AI into your business model

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Linda Tan

Credify Pte Ltd

We would like to offer our serviceX platform. serviceX allows platforms and service providers to offer targeted deals to each others’ users, based on pre-established conditions. This promotes a form-less, paperless identity passporting experience that realizes new revenue opportunities through mutually beneficial transactions. serviceX is based on our idX technology, a self-sovereign digital passport.

idX is a personal information bridge that connects and integrates e-commerce marketplaces and lending platforms with institutions that possess valuable, yet untapped information. With valid identity verification and credit scores, idX enables new revenue streams for traditional organizations in a manner that is both secure and compliant with data privacy standards.

Discount of 25% on Credify's standard data exchange fee for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Maurizio Raffone

CYBAVO Pte. Ltd.

CYBAVO offers two solutions for Fintech members:

- CYBAVO VAULT is a secure cryptocurrency and digital asset custody and management platform designed to fulfill VASPs business requirements in terms of security, liquidity, control and compliance. CYBAVO VAULT also offers a complete exchange solution for crypto exchanges and other VASPs to automate the users crypto deposits, collections and withdrawals.
CYBAVO VAULT technology is now insured against asset theft by a global AA insurance company.

- CYBAVO Wallet SDK offers a complete mobile crypto wallet development framework for service providers to easily create keyless wallets for their users. The wallet SDK includes a comprehensive backend management platform and a fully operational crypto wallet code to have a wallet ready with no effort.

Discount of up to 30% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Roberto Machado

GeTS Asia Pte Ltd

B2B financing, B2B credit assessment

Waived fees for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Alex


Our Secure Financing platform mitigates the risk of duplicate invoice financing. This reduction in risk increases liquidity resulting in better rates for receivables financing.

Discount of 25% for the first year for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solution Grants

Contact Person: Neil Shonhard

Regulus Investment and Capital Holdings Pte Ltd

All-in-one crypto wallet: midasprotocol.io

Crypto Exchange: vinex.network

Chain: mcash.network

Currently Free-of-Charge for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Long Phan


TripleA is payment gateway that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments with zero price volatility risk by converting it to local currencies in real-time. TripleA solutions are available for both offline and online businesses.

How it works?

1) Merchants set up the payment gateway for free

2) Customers start paying in cryptocurrency

3) TripleA converts the digital currency to local currency in real-time

4) Merchants receive their preferred local currency directly into their bank account

With its easy setup, its highly competitive exchange rate and its no-chargebacks payment system, TripleA helps businesses to increase their revenue by accessing the growing cryptocurrency users (150m+) community from all over the world.

Complimentary 1 month (No Conversion Fees) for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Willy Vanneste


R3 is an enterprise software firm that is pioneering digital industry transformation. We deliver purpose-built distributed ledger technology for all types of businesses in all industries. Developed in collaboration with our ecosystem of more than 350 institutions, our enterprise blockchain platform Corda is transforming entire industries by digitalizing the processes and systems that firms rely on to connect and transact with each other.

Corda Enterprise offers the core attributes of Corda open source along with additional business requirements you would expect and need when licensing enterprise software, such as 24/7 support, predictable release schedules, high availability, and support for industry standard enterprise databases.

Extended Corda Enterprise Evaluation License & Special Corda Enterprise Startup Package for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Marc Liew


Free-of-Charge blockchain training for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Maxime Paul


Bholdus is a blockchain dedicated to DeFi apps and NFTs with unprecedented transaction throughput and security. We aim to be the bridge between different types of assets and the crypto space, bringing in the best of both worlds to solve some of the most pressing problems faced by both crypto and traditional finance.

BHoldus token (BHO) will be a digital asset that stores values, generates yield, and provides access to an open lending network. BHO represents its owner’s voting rights over economic factors such as inflation and deflation levels. A blockchain network protocol named Black Hole will determine the voting rights of BHO token owners based on different metrics. Black Hole will create values for BHO token owners via various incentivizing systems and business models. BHoldus also provides a seamless user interface that allows anyone to deposit their digital assets to earn yields. Through the BHoldus staking algorithm, investors will have the privilege and priority in capturing attractive yields and participate in the BHoldus ecosystem. BHoldus will provide native stable coins in BHoldus Network for low transaction fees and fast settlement.

Bholdus discounts are only applicable for early bird application from 16 July - 16 August.

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Ronald Le

BCCS Cluster

BCCS (Blockchain CyberSecurity and Compliance Solutions) Cluster is a group of private and public sector organisations based in the European Union (EU) aiming to support the growth and development of the FinTech and ICT industries with knowledge, talent, and technology.

We work with private and public sector organisations to identify use cases, and design and implement them with an end-to-end approach that covers all areas required to start and scale operations, including:
* Technology development (web/mobile apps, smart contracts & Audits, Dapps, - -NFTs, Metaverse),
* Token economy design,
* Fundraising, Whitepaper, Marketing, PR
* Compliance, Legal/Tax advisory,
* Whitelabel (wallets, crypto exchanges, banking/payments)

Discounts to be discussed directly with SFA Members

Solution is Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Petras Petkevicius

Consumer Finance
Aspire Financial Technologies

Aspire is a Neobank that serves small businesses with convenient and inclusive financial services across Southeast Asia. An Aspire Account is opened online with a few easy steps and gives customers access to a large variety of financial services including debit, credit and card products.

5% Cashback on online marketing and digital spend for the first 3 months (up to $100 per month). 1% cashback thereafter up to $1,000 per month.

5% Cashback on all online marketing and digital spend for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Jakob Kronbichler


FICO provides analytic and decision management services across the full credit lifecycle covering all areas of risk, fraud and compliance. Key solutions include
- Digital onboarding (eKYC, authentication)
- AML/KYC compliance
- Digital originations solutions
- Customer communication solutions
- Customer risk management solutions
- Collections
- Enterprise fraud management (covering credit, debit, wallet, p2p payment, retails payments as well as corporate payment transaction monitoring)
- Cyber security solution
- Industry leading decision management platform covering analytics development, rules and policy management and data and service orchestration
- Industry leading consortium scores and analytics, explainable AI models and optimization solutions

Discount of 15% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Amit Parekh


The Moneythor solution uses data analytics and behavioural science techniques to transform customers’ experiences and to make their interactions with financial institutions’ and fintechs' digital channels responsive, efficient and smart.

Our solution applies machine learning to analyse and categorise data to discover trends, patterns and make predictions into customers finances. Using behavioural science, our engine then provides personalised, contextual and actionable recommendations, insights and nudges, either selected from a curated library of preconfigured logic and content covering a broad set of 100+ use cases or uniquely crafted by the financial institutions for their customers in the solution’s user-friendly back-office tool.

Discount of 20% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Suhaila Shaikh-McCann


Get is Asia’s first neobank & Visa Card designed for Asia’s Gen Z - a 30s sign-up, allowance/part-time-pay manager, beautiful virtual+physical Visa-card to spend anywhere online, in-store, send/request money - integrated with social & bank networks, under a gamified design. Including a Marketplace Banking, which allows teens & students to experience the new world of fin-tech, apply & enjoy within the app.

20% off advertising fees for SFA Members

Solution not applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Daniel Liang

Airome Technologies

PayConfirm is a software platform that performs mobile transaction authentication signature (mTAS) to authenticate or confirm any type of operations, including transactions or e-documents, on a mobile device.

With an extra biometrical module, PayConfirm eKYC allows to make digital onboarding based on face and ID recognition with further digital interaction based on mTAS opportunities.

Discounts on a Case-by-Case basis for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants Currently

Contact Person: Irina Latushkina

Check Point Technologies

We are offering solutions to safeguard SFA members to protect their cloud, mobile and end point security. Products include - Sandblast Mobile, Sandblast Agent, CloudGuard IAAS, CloudGuard SAAS, Dome 9, CloudGuard Logic License.

To ensure the SFA Members fully understand the capabilities, we are offering a 90 days free trial of all the products listed above. If the member finds the products suitable, they will receive further discount to purchase a full year subscription.

Please sign up for trial at- https://pages.checkpoint.com/trial-sign-up-sfa-members.html

Discount of 25% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Wilfred Tan

We would like to offer cyber cloud security to SFA members through CDR platform. The platform is designed using the innovation in various areas such as advanced security analytics, employed machine learning, threat intelligence and auto containment of threats on clouds. Currently we support Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service but is looking to expand to support multi-cloud players such as GCP, Alibaba Cloud, Kubernetes, and other public or private clouds that expose flow logs through API.

Discount of 50% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Ng Yong Yong

Entersoft Security

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

API Penetration Testing
Web Application Penetration Testing
Code Review

Smart API Penetration Testing Tool.

Discount of 15% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Paul Kang

Epyphite Pte. Ltd.

Resilient One's Tape is a distributed intelligence security engine adapted to provide first of class safety, protection and compliance to the financial industry.

Discount of 10% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Juan Ramirez

Group8 Cyber Pte Ltd

Consultation Service: A 1-hour face-to-face or virtual consultation with a Group8 cybersecurity consultant to better understand your current cybersecurity position. Insights and recommendations will be provided on how to reduce existing cybersecurity gaps.

Web Application Firewall: Proprietary web application security solution that features machine learning and threat intelligence. Attacks are predicted and prevented before any damage can be done. Reduced false alarms and human intervention. You’ll never be caught off guard!

G Stacks: Eliminate bill shocks from your computing resources with our pay-as-you-use pricing model. Featuring next generation, auto-sizing PaaS cloud computing instances.

Allure: Proprietary anti phishing solution that protects your website from being a target of phishing. Passive monitoring is no longer effective, take a proactive approach now!

Discount of 20% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Kiong Han Wei


An out-of-the-box CSPM tool that sets up in minutes
Customers of Warden enjoy how quick and easy it is to protect their cloud environment with Warden as the single go-to security management tool. Connect your AWS account to Warden for your cloud infrastructure to start getting scanned by Warden's comprehensive ruleset — no configuration required. All it takes is either a CloudFormation or manual setup and you will be provided contextualised, actionable security and compliance findings in minutes.

Discount of 20% off annual licenses for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Lance Chua


Cysense supports SFA members with their information security compliance readiness.

Our platform helps you get ISO 27001 certified in weeks rather than months. Our tool supports you with an automated implementation strategy, evidence collection, task management, control monitoring, and more.

Communicate trust in your information security system from day one, and focus on building your business and relationships with customers.

Discount of 50% for SFA Members

olution is Not Applicable for Grant

Contact Person: Carlos Leyva


The key problems REL-ID addresses are – completely securing the mobile device so that it can become the center of omni-channel security and customer experience, performing identity proofing orchestration, end point security, identity and authentication and real time transaction verification in a fully PSD2 SCA and dynamic linking compliant way that takes fraud to zero. Our solution also helps clients addresses some of the challenges organisations face such as customer engagement, Contact center fraud, PII exposure, credential compromise etc. REL-ID also provides capability to perform Digital KYC.

License Fee Waived for 1 year for subscriptions within 2020 for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Kopal Agarwal

Vesta Payment Solutions Pte Ltd

Cutting-edge data science and machine learning capabilities that deliver unparalleled accuracy in fraud detection to protect accounts and transactions, backed by a zero-fraud-liability guarantee.

Discount to be discussed directly with SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Gwen Chia


GuardRails is a continuous application security verification platform that deeply integrates into source code versioning systems like GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. The platform performs static analysis of the source code to detect vulnerabilities in all modern programming languages, as well as analysing open source dependencies for known vulnerabilities, identifying sensitive information such as API keys and passwords, and security flaws in cloud configuration. GuardRails helps your development team to move fast and be safe at the same time.

Discount of 50% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Christopher Ong

Protos Labs Pte Ltd

Nexus is a next-generation cyber risk intelligence platform that helps insurers accurately quantify policyholders’ cyber risk and reduce their likelihood of breach. By combining advanced cyber quantification models and active monitoring technologies, Nexus replaces outdated cyber actuarial tables, enabling insurers to increase their cyber book, minimize loss ratios and succeed in the cyber insurance market.

Discount to be discussed directly with SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant [Enterprise Singapore] and Digital Acceleration Grant [Monetary Authority of Singapore]

Contact Person: Joel Le

Exclusive Networks Singapore

Exclusive Networks is the global trusted digital infrastructure specialist driving the transition to a totally trusted digital world for all people and organisations.

Our distinctive approach to distribution gives partners more opportunity and more customer relevance. Our specialism is their strength – equipping them to capitalise on rapidly evolving technologies and transformative business models.
The Exclusive Networks story is a global one with a services-first ideology at its core, harnessing innovation and disruption to outstrip market growth. With 50+ offices across five continents and presence in over 100 countries, Exclusive Networks has a unique ‘local sale, global scale’ model, combining the extreme focus and value of local independents with the scale and service delivery of a single worldwide distribution powerhouse.

Exclusive Networks is the global ‘value creating’ specialist distributor for cybersecurity and cloud solutions – the defining and interdependent technologies of the digital era. Its capabilities are backed by best-of-breed vendor portfolios, unparalleled skills and a host of compelling services from pre and post-sales technical support to leasing, training, professional services and global project management.

Vendor Portfolio – Alcatel Lucent, Algosec, Avocor, Cloudian, CrowdStrike, F5, Forescout, Foritnet, Huddly, Imperva, Infinidat, Infoblox, LogRhythm, Mitel, Netskope, Nvidia, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, Perle, Poly, Realwear, Rubrik and SentinelOne.

Discount to be discussed directly with SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant [Enterprise Singapore]

Contact Person: Digital Sales Team

Palo Alto Networks

Fintechs have disrupted the way people and businesses interact with financial services, but, with unprecedented innovation comes unprecedented risks.Protecting cloud environments and cloud native applications requires a scalable, purpose-built solution. With Prisma® Cloud, you’ll gain real-time visibility and full stack protection across all the leading public clouds.

Join the Palo Alto Networks family with a 90 days free license of Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition. Frees you to operate and innovate with speed and safety—easing your secure transformation.

Discounts on a case-by-case basis for SFA Membersl

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Kaylee Ho

Pragma Pte Ltd

Pragma is the trusted advisor for technology and cybersecurity to many of the world's most influential businesses and institutions. Pragma is an Asian and European based cybersecurity firm, founded in 2016 by Manish Chawda and Geoff Leeming, that advises on cybersecurity to corporations, governments, and other organisations. Our strong partnerships and investment in a world-class experienced team are demonstrated in the four services lines we offer; Cyber and Regulatory Consultancy, Incident Response, Cloud Security and Security Testing.

Following service: Audit against MAS TRM, MAS Cyber Hygiene, MAS Payment Service Act, and AML/KYC Consultancy including implementation of MAS TRM, MAS Cyber Hygiene, MAS Payment Service Act, and AML/KYC regulation Security Testing Services: Vulnerability Assessment, Secure Source Code Testing and Penetration Testing

Discount of up to 25% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Manish Chawda

Wesurance Pte. Limited

At Wesurance, we empower insurance businesses globally, breaking geographical barriers with our universally adaptable platform. Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge technology with the warmth of human service, creating insurance experiences that are just a heartbeat away. We stand for insurance that is accessible, understandable, and deeply personal, nurturing your peace of mind in a digital age. Wesurance is reshaping insurance to be more inclusive and customer-centric, embodying our vision as "The Next-Gen People-Focused Digital Insurance Solution".

Contact directly

Natalie Fong

InsureVite Pte Ltd

InsureVite's cloud-based platform

Discounts of 20% off implementation for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: David Yeng

My-Insurer Pte Ltd

We come as SaaS or as White Label. Any Financial Advisory Firms, Insurers, Insurance intermediaries interested by such solution - One tool does all the necessary digitisation.
We can duplicate the solution and customize it according to brand, color scheme, hosting, URL, functionalities, Name...
We will provide a significant discount to all SFA Members that have been referred by SFA.

Discounts of 25% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Matthias


INSURNOVATE is a digital insurance initiative, combining technology & advisory capabilities to build digital sales & servicing capabilities for insurance companies. Connecting insurance companies with customers and supporting agency networks with tools and on-boarding to streamline digital and enable customer-centric & personalised digital communication. Driving digital sales and supporting digital services and customer dialogue.

INSURNOVATE is a modularised, white labeled initiative that drives digital adoption with innovative, blended, virtual and synchronised engagement. A faster way to unlock revenues and deliver value to insurance customers with personalised products that are based on data insights and profiles.

INSURNOVATE is a modular, digital-first, uncomplicated & personalised insurance initiative that builds lasting relationships & optimised, blended, customer-centric, digital distribution for insurers.

Discounts TBDfor SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Tim Webb

Swingvy Ptd Ltd

Swingvy is an all-in-one HR, Leave, Claims, Payroll and Employee Benefits to digitalise their HR process system.

Discounts of 50% off first year subscription for Startups

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Wendy Lau

Soft Solvers Solutions Pte Ltd

Agiliux offers cloud-based insurance software with extensive policy and claims management capabilities, focusing on Insurance Companies, Third-party Admin, Brokers and Agencies in the Asia pacific region, to help digitalise the entire ecosystem.

Solution Deployed in 6 Countries | Total 13 million Active policies | Adding 400k New Policies monthly | Process 10k Claims monthly

Free Consulting and Creation of Go digital Roadmap, using Agiliux for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Arasu

TRIBE by Income

TRIBE by Income is Singapore’s first subscription-based insurance platform, with modular insurance ‘packs’ that empower customers to customise their coverage based on their needs, without committing to lock-in periods.

TRIBE allows partners to unlock new revenue potential through micro-financial subscription services. Our plug-and-play solutions are designed to easily embed insuretech within the customer journeys of digital ecosystems today, providing value to their customers.

Launched at SFF 2020, TRIBE has formed a cross-vertical ecosystem of more than 10 partners from neobanks, digital wallets, e-commerce marketplaces, HR platforms and more, including Revolut, EZ-Link, Shopee and JustLogin.

Partner with us today to co-brand, white-label or create new offerings: https://tribe.income.com.sg/perks

3 months of free TRIBE subscription for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for MAS FSTI Grant(s) for creation of new or bespoke packs. Digital Acceleration Grant / Productivity Solutions Grant may be applicable for selected solutions.

Contact Person: Isabelle Sumarli

Windward Insurance Broker Pte Ltd

Launched in 2019, Windward is an innovative general insurance broker that gives 'end-to-end’ risk management advice across the value chain of its clients’ businesses. Through designing insurance products with insurers and usage of digital platforms, Windward seeks to enable clients to have more transparency on pricing and risks for business insurance, making business insurance cover affordable and simple to buy.

We have designed and recently launched a revolutionary Corporate Employee Benefits Product. This product is the first and only one in the market offering a refund of premium, whilst seeking to eradicate the duplication of premiums and coverage from the individual's Integrated Shield/ Medshield plan, which is often in conflict with their Corporate Employee Benefits scheme.

Exclusive perks for all SFA members when speak to us and sign up today!

Exclusive Perks for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: David Lee


dacadoo develops and operates technology solutions for digital health engagement and health risk quantification. Founded by experienced Swiss entrepreneur Peter Ohnemus in 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland, now we have offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas with employees from more than 15 nationalities.

dacadoo offers its Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP), including its Health Score and Risk Engine to Life & Health insurers (B2B), globally. Available in over 16 languages, dacadoo technology is provided as a fully branded, white label solution or customised integration through its API. The dacadoo DHEP motivates users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits with online gaming, social networking as well as automated AI based coaching. The dacadoo Risk Engine calculates relative risk on mortality and morbidity in real-time for accelerated underwriting and dynamic pricing. dacadoo complies with data protection and privacy laws, such as GDPR, HIPAA and Swiss Data Privacy Law. We are also ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified.

Contact us directly for details

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Ted Tay


OpenText enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions. As a leader in Enterprise Information Management, OpenText offers the digital content platform to manage and deliver structured and unstructured content to various applications, dynamically, in context and on any device.

Our platform connects and fuels some of the world’s largest Banks, Insurance and financial services organisations. It improves information access by bridging isolated process siloes and ensuring governance is applied, wherever and however content is created. It enables organisations to unlock the power of information through automation and artificial intelligence, APIs and data automation and drive engagement with customers, partners and employees.

Discounts to be discussed directly with SFA Members

Solution is Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant and Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Tarun Tolani

Cyber Sierra

Insuretech business helping SMEs strengthen security posture and be insured.

Free 30 mins consultation for SFA members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Subhajit Mandal


InsureBrick -

Built with microservice architecture, InsureBrick is a lightweight and multi-functional middleware featuring API compliance and system scalability to meet diverse business needs. InsureBrick innovates your insurance platform, drives your digitalization, and helps you quickly respond to the fast-changing market.

Discount available for all SFA members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Yvonne Chien

Investment Tech
Sircured Pte Ltd

Sircured Pte Ltd is a Singapore-registered FinTech company certified by Singapore FinTech Association as a Wealth Management provider. Our team members have an established track record in regulated industries such as legal, finance and insurance and we have a keen interest in bringing together technology to solve today’s problems simply. Our first product is vaultbox.

vaultbox is an affordable cloud-based financial and legacy planning solution. It allows you to track your net-worth, store all your vital information and documents in an encrypted digital depository as well as deputise access to trusted third parties for legacy management purpose - all supported by bank-grade encryption.

We invite fellow SFA members to use vaultbox either personally, or professionally as our strategic partners. vaultbox-generated reports provide financial advisors, including Investment Tech, InsurTech and WealthTech companies, with a deeper understanding of their clients’ existing portfolio, support better investment advice and financial product offerings. Similarly, lawyers, wills & estate planners, including RegTech and LegalTech companies, can have a more engaging relationship with their clients.

For more information about vaultbox, please visit the website at https://www.vaultbox.tech, and to enquire about partnership opportunities please email [email protected].

100% first year free subscription for vaultbox user with promo code: SFAMEMBER.

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Iwan Hartono

Prive Technologies

Our solution is a modular wealth management platform comprising of the following blocks (each of which can be standalone or integrated to services various different use cases).

Digital Engagement (access to curate content)
Digital Onboarding (including video authentication)
Investment Explorer
Portfolio Proposal and Comparison Tool
Goal-based Wealth Planning
AI-based Portfolio Construction Tool
Account Aggregation engine
Portfolio Reporting and Analytics engine
Portfolio Rebalancing and Order Management System
Risk Profiling
Structured Products Analytics and Pricing engine
Model Portfolios and Strategy hub (with strategies sourced from the largest AMs)
Mobile Solution
Investments Suitability and Product Risk Classification Engine
Text-to-speech (compliance tools)

Discounts of 10-15% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Qiuyan Tian

SinoPartners Financial Services

Octopus is an all-in-one portfolio management system. It is developed in partnership with a Swiss software provider. It is a management software providing full value chain coverage for asset managers from client prospecting, to deep portfolio analysis, to online banking. Apart from that it also has CRM, Compliance, Risk Management, and Reporting capabilities. Data from majority of custodian banks are fed into the system on a daily basis, ensuring timeliness and accuracy of data, atop automation which increases the efficiency of asset managers and family offices.

Discounts of 30% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant and Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Lee Su Lynn

Email: [email protected] Contact Now >>
Tradesocio Pte Ltd

TradeSocio investment suite offers a flexible and customisable end-to-end solution, offering a wide range of investment offerings to institutions wide customer base, from HNW to mass affluent customers. Our solutions cater to all financial services institutions, including investment banks, wealth advisors, pension management, family offices, brokerages. Our solutions provide digital onboarding, KYC and compliance and can be integrated with any core systems, including payments, accounting. A hosted solution, with recognised security standards and full technical support is a core component of our offerings.

Discounts Negotiable for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Michelle Chng

GreenArc Capital Pte. Ltd.

Based on the impact methodology used on our technology platform, we have developed an API, the GreenArc Impact Module. This enables monitoring of the impact performance of debt investments e.g loans given to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and base-of-pyramid populations to foster financial inclusion. This API can be used by those interested in measuring and reporting the social and/or environmental impact of their investments. The API calculates an impact score for each underlying investment, allowing comparability across sectors and portfolios. The impact score is a consolidated summary of the investment’s associated impact indicators relative to a stated benchmark, consisting of national socio-economic data. The impact module also evaluates each investment or portfolio’s contribution to the UN SDGs.

Discount of 30% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Rony J Palathinkal

Lending and Corporate Cards
TurnKey Lender

TurnKey Lender, offers an no code (drag and Drop, wizard based) system that allows credit institutions to automate loan origination and management. Key Components of our offer include

1. Digital On boarding of borrower, lender, buyer, supplier etc
2. Loan Origination and Deviation Management
3. In-built Decision Engine for complex decision making
4. Loan disbursal & management
5. Loan collections
6. Powerful API connector for ease of integrations with Credit Bureaus, Third party systems, Core Banking, Payments etc.
7. Digital Workplaces for all the users of the system with access control and limit management

Discount of 30% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Rahul Maira

Zerone Microsystems Pte. Ltd.

A white-labeled P2P lending platform/ infrastructure that ensures smooth and seamless financial transactions inter-alia application of loans, evaluation of stakeholders, disbursement of loans and repayment of interest and capital.

Discount of 50% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Jaijit Bhattacharya

Benefit.X Pte. Ltd.

Benefit.X equips Small Businesses with Corporate Cards and Digital Loans Options to support their business operations and cashflow.

5 Years of Annual Waiver for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solution Grant

Contact Person: Kenneth Tan

Credit Engine Inc.

Credit Engine is a SaaS products provider, providing our financial sector clients with services that cover from online lending to debt collecting with our data-driven technology. Trusted by world-leading financial clients, we are currently operating from Japan and South East Asia, with our head office based in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission is to develop SaaS lending solutions that deliver a seamless, stress-free lending and collecting experience to our customers, bringing them a more effective business operations and a higher customer engagements, and in turns bringing the lending and collecting business to the next level.

No Discounts for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Kentaro Hara

Robo-Advisory and Credit Scoring

Bambu GO - a ready-to-go white label solution that requires zero development or integration.
Bambu GO is a white-label investment platform that enables advisory firms and registered investment advisors to benefit from the shift in digital wealth:
- All-inclusive technology which requires no development from the client.
- Hosted and supported by Bambu on AWS under customer's domain.
- Follows branding guidelines (CSS Styles).
- Wide selection of risk-based investment strategies.
- Out of the box integration with clearing firms and brokers.
- Responsive web and mobile platform.
Target Audience: Banks, Asset Managers, Digital Disruptors, Insurance Companies and Digital Banking

Discounts on a case-by-case basis for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Sean Zhou


Bizbaz offers consumer/user profiling/scoring solutions and AI-powered recommender systems to financial institutions and telecommunication companies in Asia.

Discount of 50% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Hayk Hakobyan


1) Corporate and individual members of SFA can invest in our portfolios at preferential rates and get up to S$195 in cash credits and fee waivers: https://invest.syfe.com/sfa-syfe/

2) Syfe for Work: Holistic financial well-being solutions for companies - many corporate retirement offerings cost too much, and offer too little, to set up your employees for retirement. That's where we come in.
3) Partnerships: do you want to offer investment solutions to your customers and open up new revenue streams? Get in touch with us and let's explore potential partnerships from full-fledged white-label or flow-through solutions

Discount based on Discussions for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Laurens Koppelaar


Exclusive for Singapore Fintech Association:

2-years free Detailed Payment Monitoring service (worth S$698 per year) for SFA members who sign up as new Experian Non-Bank Bureau member.

About Experian Non-Bank Bureau
Since 2002, Experian Non-Bank Bureau has been a trusted partner for credit and business information in Singapore. As a neutral and independent entity, our 600+ active non-banking members contribute account receivables and blacklist information directly to the bureau. This is a requirement from all members of the bureau. We then validate, aggregate and enhance the alternative data using additional sources to generate credit scores, payment trends and negative screening lists for members to make informed decision and manage their business relationships better.

Benefits of being part of Non-Bank Bureau:

  • Identify payment behaviour of non-bank borrowers or debtors
  • Enhance credit evaluation & negative listing for onboarding screening
  • Proactive monitoring to identify significant change of risk of any customers in your portfolio
  • Reduce bad debt through early warning signals

2-years free Detailed Payment Monitoring service (worth S$698 per year) for SFA Member

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Experian Credit Services Singapore


Endowus is Singapore’s first and leading digital investment advisor for CPF, SRS & Cash savings, and is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Endowus offers expert, personalised advice and access to best-in-class global funds at the lowest cost possible. Our investment philosophy is rooted in evidence-based investing and we take a long-term view to investing to give our clients a transparent, low-cost, and personalized investment experience. The mission is simple: help people invest better, so they can live easier today, and better tomorrow.

$30 off Endowus access fees across Cash, CPF & SRS

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Ee Chien Chua

WealthTech and Payments

The first fintech for the abnormal - We're FinTechs and Crypto friendly!

Business banking designed for global businesses.

Go borderless with Arival’s award winning banking platform.

Free business account opening until Q4 2021

Freemium plan until Q4 2021

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Alexandre Pinot

Finaxar Business Services Pte Ltd

Managing payments and cash flow can be challenging, especially for rapidly growing SMEs of all sizes. Flex aims to empower SMEs for growth with access to working capital, control over expenses, and cost savings. We are committed to helping startups save time and money when managing their payments and cash management needs. To do this, SMEs should have access to the resources they need to thrive. Flex offers businesses with physical and virtual prepaid cards to better manage expenses. Combined with Flex PLUS, companies can now access an in-principal, approved $3,000 line of credit within 24 hours, and working capital of up to S$100,000 interest and fee free for up to 35 days. True to our mission to help SMEs save money, Flex also offers no forex markup on all international spend. No hidden fees, no surprises — that’s our promise.

Apply and make business payments via Flex Visa Card and enjoy a 1% rebate from 1 October 2021 to 31 December 2021, with a minimum spend of $1,000 per month.

1% rebate for Flex Visa Card spends from 1 Oct - 31 Dec 2021

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Olivia Leong


MineSec provides our customers support to jumpstart their own SoftPOS innovation with MineSec white-label SoftPOS solution - an off-the-shelf security ready SoftPOS SDK and Attestation server. It adheres to the highest international security and compliance standards, is simple to use, and versatile to keep up with our customers' evolving needs for the future.

If you are planning to develop your own globally accepted SoftPOS solution, sign up for a chance to qualify for MineSec's 1-to-1 SoftPOS consultative workshop.

- Learn more about the payment market and SoftPOS technology
- 1-to-1 consultation on your SoftPOS solution development plan
- Assess suitability of MineSec white-label SoftPOS SDK with free access for up to a month

Sign up here and our representative will be in touch to check your readiness and eligibility for the workshop.

Workshop will be open to only members who qualify.

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Aki Nagashima

FNZ (Singapre) Services Pte Ltd

FNZ provides wealth management platform technology and operations via a fully outsourced model to financial institutions including banks, wealth & asset managers, insurance companies. We are known for delivering technology and innovative solutions to significantly enhance our customers’ digital strategies and drive rapid growth. In Asia our clients include Singlife who launched their insurtech business on FNZ's platform, and UOB AM who launched their direct-to-customer digital robo-advisers using FNZ's platform and services.

Discounts based on Discussion for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Chen Yilin

Onchain Custodian

We help SFA members looking for an insured enterprise grade wallet management platform to handle their project tokens or other digital assets for them and/or their customers.

We also help SFA members find the right curated partners and quotes to invest their capital in open finance services & earn a yield that banks are no longer able to offer.

Discount of 50% off set-up fees, 20% off AUC fees for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Steve Clark

Mobile Community Tech Pte Ltd

The solution can help merchants to list their products and services in a portal, not only for online users, but also offline users as well, the users can easily to reach the merchant through social media and an APP, use the secure and easy payment services to liase with customers worldwide.

Discount of 30% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Wells Xu

Uqpay Technology (SG) Pte. Ltd.

UQPAY is an international payment technology enterprise with technological innovation as its core driver, focusing on providing merchants with one-stop global payment solutions based on full-scene applications, multi-channel acceptance and end-to-end connectivity.

UQPAY platform is based on the next-generation converged payment system architecture and is dedicated to solving the connection problem between multiple merchant scenarios and discrete payment channels to achieve one-stop global payment acceptance across scenarios, channels and borders. By integrating payment, reconciliation, data and marketing modules, the platform's end-to-end service architecture enables merchants to achieve extensive integration of payment, unified processing of reconciliation, intelligent aggregation of data and agile customization of marketing through a single point of access, thus significantly shortening the access cycle, improving financial efficiency, gaining data insight and driving marketing growth.

*Online Payment Gateway
*Offline Payment Solution
*UQPAY UnionPay Prepaid Card

Waiver of Processing Fee for selected Payment Methods and Waiver of Membership fee and Annual fee

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Kelvin Deng

Wize by Teamwork

WIZE is an all-in-one web-based platform developed by experts in Wealth Management.
WIZE allows their customers to have everything in a single system from, middle and back office to end client. This transaction based, multi-currency solution is customizable and allows the manage any kind of assets (traditional financial instruments, Private Equity, Alternative Investments and non-bankable assets).
With 4 core modules CRM, Portfolio Management, Order Management and e-banking, WIZE is an alternative for Wealth Management industry currently struggling with a stack of legacy and costly solutions.
Open and connected, WIZE provides a fully integrated, multi-custodian platform with a complete access to more than 250 functionalities, 70+ existing connection to Custodians, FIX trading and market data connectivity, and API with Third parties solutions.

Discounts based on Discussion for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Germain Chapart


additiv’s market-leading cloud-based orchestration engine, the Digital Finance Suite, enables financial institutions to quickly launch new propositions on a single platform, giving them the intelligence to maximize customer engagement. Built on the DFS®, customers access our highly intuitive and engaging capabilities; our Hybrid Wealth Manager, Wealth Robo and Expert Tool risk management system. And, with our industry first KickStarter programme, we get our clients up and running in 3 months with no Capex or implementation fees.

Supported by an ecosystem of implementation and solution partners additiv can deliver unparalleled services to banks, insurers, wealth and asset managers. We provide institutions the tools to orchestrate client relationships, allowing them to enhance existing client engagement and seamlessly move into new market segments.

Discount based on Discussions for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Victor Wongsonegoro

Aleta Planet

AP-1 virtual card - waiver of membership fee and annual fee

Lifetime membership fee and annual fee waiver for SFA Members

Lifetime membership fee and annual fee waiver for SFA Members

Contact Person: Jessica Toh


We are a full-stack API banking platform where you can come, select your desired modules, integrate in the sandbox, and launch your product with just a few lines of code in a couple of weeks! Not only that, but we also take care of all upcoming fixes, iterations, and updates without breaking any flow. It's that easy, as it should be. Welcome to the future.

Interact with banking APIs to enable multi-account aggregation, real-time creation, linking, and much more. - Create and link multiple virtual bank accounts in real-time - Automated account aggregation for consumers & businesses - Integrated platform with different kinds of money transfers within Singapore and India - Plug & play modular APIs to integrate with your business or platform - Customizable to suit your business flow as per your customers' requirements

Discount of 10% off any of our plans for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Pratik Daudkhane


Spenmo is a cloud payments software that helps companies automate all company-related expense processes, reducing admin burden of payments from 100+ hours/month to just minutes.

We do this through unlimited virtual and physical corporate cards, tailored to help companies gain control and visibility of their expenditure. Automated capture and payment of invoices with international transfers processed at Google market rates (~90% cheaper than Transferwise in terms of fees)

Discount of 50% off our monthly SaaS subscription for 6 months

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Annabel Tiong


Banking as a service provider operating in the Philippines.

Fully regulated bank, operating under a partnership / white-labelled basis.

We can allow Singaporean Fintech to launch fast in the Philippines, by providing:
- Accounts as a service
- Loan booking for Fintech
- Payments as a service
- Cards / BIN Sponsorship

We are solution sellers, so can offer a customized solution fitting the needs of a particular fintech.

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Gus Poston


Volopay modernizes the way companies manage spending by fusing financial management software with smart corporate cards. With Volopay businesses can manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets, do employee reimbursements and eliminate expense reports. Moreover companies can do money transfers to vendors with the cheapest imaginable rates.

All the payments made can be directly synced into major accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite etc.

Business expense management solution with smart corporate Visa cards (both physical and virtual), bill payments (both domestic and international), accounting automation, and employee reimbursements.

Flat 80% off for SFA members. Sign up from this link.

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Rohit Bhageria

Orec Pte Ltd

E-wallet service connecting Asian and European payment methods together and e-money acquiring for SME and online content creators.

E-wallet services for individuals and startups in e-commerce

Discount of 25% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Raitis Kaucis

Global Processing Services (GPS)

Global Processing Services (GPS) is the trusted and proven go-to payments processing partner for today’s leading challenger brands, including Revolut, WeLab Bank and Razer Fintech.

Founded in 2007, GPS’ highly flexible and configurable platform places the control firmly in the hands of global fintechs, digital banks and e-wallets, enabling them to deliver rich functionality to the cardholder.

GPS is certified by Visa and Mastercard to process and manage any credit, debit or prepaid card transaction globally, with offices in London, Newcastle, Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. It is equipped to meet the stringent standards required by Tier 1 banks and has integrated with more than 40 issuing banks and operates programmes for 180+ customers in 60 countries, using over 150 currencies.

GPS enables the success of global fintechs, digital banks and e-wallets by offering unrivalled features and flexibility.

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Damien Gough

Digital Treasures Center

We provide a secure, compliant and cost efficient payment solution for merchants to receive and settle payment. DTC’s payment solution also allow merchants and consumers to interact with fiat and digital assets seamlessly, to make payment without borders. DTC’s payment solution provides merchant with the option of receiving digital assets as a form of payment which allow them to reach out to new markets and businesses.

Up to 50% off for initial one-time set-up fee

Solution Not Applicable for Government Grants

Contact Person: Desmond Yong

Ingenico International (S) Pte Ltd

Ingenico offers smart, trusted, and secure payment terminal solutions and services to empower commerce across all channels and streamline payment integration and processes.

Our latest product and solutions could be found under www.ingenico.com or www.ppaas.com.

Contact Directly via Email

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Valentina Goh


Banks, Fintechs and businesses everywhere can make bigger, better, bolder leaps with Currencycloud. Currencycloud gives businesses the capability to move money across borders, and transact globally in multiple currencies, fast. Experts at what they do, their technology makes it easy for clients to embrace digital wallets, and to embed finance into the core of their business - no matter what industry they’re in.

Since 2012, Currencycloud has processed more than $100bn to over 180 countries, working with banks, financial institutions and Fintechs around the world, including Starling Bank, Revolut, Penta and Lunar. Based in London with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Cardiff, and Singapore, Currencycloud works with partners including Visa, Dwolla, GPS and Mambu to deliver simple, clear cross-border infrastructure solutions for clients. They are regulated in the UK, Canada, US and the EU.

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Anthony Man

The M&A Compass

Developer of innovative thematic and predictive analytics enabling a novel systematic approach for the M&A function and research.

Our data solution is tailored for M&A professionals working for investment banks, private equity firms, corporate M&A functions.

Quickly Identify:

1) The potential buyers of a company for sale or the potential buyers and sellers of any industry theme or technology.

2) The industry themes that are driving up or down the M&A activity and the industries, niche markets, or technologies that are expected to attract more interest from buyers or that are more likely to be divested in the near future.

Our demo prototype is online. We are looking for beta testers (no cost or commitment)

Massimo Bellino


Duco is a 100% software as a service company and we provide a B2B platform for companies to compare any 2 data sets, or validate a single source. Whether you’re a payments company having to reconcile cash accounts, an investment tech reconciling cash flows, or an AI company needing clean reconciled data to train your machine, Duco provides a no code, self service platform for you to build, run and maintain your data integrity controls.

Discount of 15% off Annual fees for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Keith Man

Digital Business People Pte. Ltd.

Our CCM solution(s) enable organizations to design, automate, manage and deliver personalized omni-channel communications from a single platform. We offer consulting and implementation services for digital transformation of customer communication for Banking, Finance, Insurance companies. This includes:

(i) Project management, software development and testing
(ii) Customer relationship, engagement, communication and collaboration tools
(iii) Digital Customer Onboarding
(iv) Marketing Productivity, customer sensing tools, insights generation
(v) Governance & reduction in compliance risk
(vi) Eliminating departmental silos by empowering them with a collaborative tool

Development of end-to-end solutions, extracting & transforming data from heterogeneous data sources and improved workflows for batch based, interactive & dynamic communication including bank welcome kit, statements, policies, contracts, notices, invoices, letters, correspondence, plans amongst others.

Discount of up to 8% for SFA Members

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Ashish Bhalla

Jenfi Pte. Ltd.

Jenfi funds marketing and growth activities of businesses (eg. Facebook ads, Google Adwords, etc.) that generates a positive ROI. Repayment over time via revenue share. Non-dilutive financing.

Discount of 10-20% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Sean Yeo


Railsbank is the pioneer and innovator in the global Banking as a Platform (BaaP) sector, enabling banks, businesses and brands to define the future of consumer and SME finance. Currently, Railsbank is live and enabling customers in the UK, Europe, SE Asia and the US. It is the only global BaaP player.

The Railsbank platform enables marketers, product managers, developers to take their financial product vision and rapidly prototype, launch and scale their vision using its open finance platform, financial operations, regulatory licensing and rich set of APIs.

Using Railsbank’s super simple APIs as building blocks, customers can build pretty much any financial use-case they can imagine, freeing up Railsbank customers to focus on delivering delightful finance experiences to consumers and businesses.

Free Access to the Railsbank Sandbox and API. Mention SFA to discuss additional discounts and offers

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: David Rhoades

TechBridge Market

The only hiring services company in the world that supports businesses in hiring & pipelining the best talent for free. Experienced recruiting across any role and seniority type across APAC.

Commercial discounts on your TechBridge recruitment campaigns.

Discount of 25% for SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Dan Cohen (Head of BD and Sales)

MFP Pte Ltd

We are one of the key players in providing the implementation of Xero digital bookkeeping. We are a Xero Gold Partner since 2018 and we handle over 300 active clients on Xero. To add to our achievements, we are also recently appointed as a pre-approved vendor by Singapore's InfoComm Media Development Authority ("IMDA") to provide Xero implementation to different types of businesses.

Xero Advanced Implementation ("XAI") package. XAI comes with Xero standard subscription for 12 months' period and Xero expenses subscription for 5 users over a 12 months' period too. We would also incorporate an advanced quick start implementation, provide 8 hours of training and 8 hours of post-implementation support. The usual price for our XAI package is SGD6,536. However, as we are one of the pre-approved vendors under the PSG grant, you will be able to offset 80% of the package's usual price under our implementation. Additionally, as a social offer to members of SFA, we are offering a free Apple i-Pad for each member who takes up the XAI package.

Free Apple i-Pad

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant

Contact Person: Ahmad Shahid


WageSage is a voluntary employee benefit service providing employees with the option of receiving wages that they’ve earned but not yet received.

We are on a mission to help employees improve their financial well-being and assist in reducing current and future debt levels.

In doing so, employers will also benefit by increasing employee engagement, increasing productivity as well as decreasing turnover and turnover costs.

SFA members will receive one free transaction for each employee.

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Mitchell Goh

Globalization Partners

The Globalization Partners EOR technology platform is cloud-based and can be accessed globally via mobile or desktop. Among its many features and capabilities are an automated employment contract experience that enables companies to create competitive employment offers efficiently and compliantly. It also provides a reporting function that empowers finance teams with detailed invoice reporting by country and employee, and a help center that provides extensive support content and the ability to connect with subject matter experts. Unlike competitive offerings that are cobbled together from various sources, the company’s EOR technology was developed in-house by Globalization Partners on a single platform for a more cohesive user experience.

Watch our 90 seconds video to find out how you can simplify international expansion - https://www.globalization-partners.com/resources/v...

Preferential rates for SFA members.

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Lyn Kwek

OC Queen Street LLC

We are an independent Singapore Law Practice and a part of Osborne Clarke's international legal practice. We provide legal services to a broad range of clients from banks, global technology companies and social media giants, to domestic and regional small-medium enterprises and start-ups.

Our practice covers a wide spectrum of FinTech products and services and we advise FinTech firms on both the transactional and financial regulatory aspects of their business operations across Southeast Asia. In addition, our expertise extends to Blockchain, AI, Cryptocurrency, Data Protection, Intellectual Property Litigation, and Corporate & Commercial work.

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Andre Seah


Millions of people around the world trust InterSystems with their livelihoods and even their lives. Every product we develop has been designed from the ground up with this idea in mind. We're here to ensure that our clients have reliable, real-time access to the data they need to do their jobs—data they can connect to, share, and draw insights from.

We'd like to offer other members a free trial to use InterSystems IRIS - our data platform and compare it to systems that they may be using currently and notice the speed and performance difference: https://gettingstarted.intersystems.com/

Free trial of license for up to 90 days

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Kenneth Kuek

Grow Asia

SmartInternz is an Experiential learning & Remote Internship Platform to bring academia & industry together for a common goal of talent creation.

Access Global Talent Pool: Leverage our network of 1000+ institutions across the globe with a potential reach of 1 Million student developers.

Engage & Hire Top Talent: Engage top talent from early years of their graduation through micro-projects & remote internships.

Build Your Company Brand: Building a brand among a larger talent pool is made simple. Host a few challenges on the platform to get connected with top talent.

Please refer to https://smartinternz.com/ for more information.

Discount of 10% for SFA members.

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Guru Rao

Symphony Communication Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Symphony is the trusted, secure and compliant market infrastructure platform used by over 500,000 financial services professionals globally. Our platform enables you to easily and quickly chat with clients and potential clients.

Our network boasts the latest applications, integrations and bots, created by the market for the market to enhance liquidity and drive cross-industry workflow efficiencies. Symphony greatly reduces the complexity of onboarding and gets you to market more quickly.

Fintechs are able to rapidly deploy their solutions via bots and applications on our network, utilizing our easy-to-use SDKs/BDKs, open-API architecture and online developer training.

The Symphony sandbox is connected to our UAT network, which will allow you to get rapid feedback from clients as you build.

SFA members get 25% discount on a one-year subscription for our basic 10-user package.

Solution Applicable for Digital Acceleration Grant

Contact Person: Jonathan Lee


Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) is the world’s digital infrastructure company, enabling digital leaders to harness a trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success.

Equinix enables today’s businesses to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. With Equinix, they can scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, deliver world-class experiences and multiply their value.

Equinix Metal delivers global, secure, interconnected, integrated, and on -demand infrastructure where and when it’s needed. As part of Platform Equinix, digital businesses can deploy new services faster with hybrid public and private cloud infrastructure. Most importantly, Equinix Metal is ready to deploy in minutes, not months. No forced virtualization and no multi-tenancy means enhanced security.

Equinix Fabric is a global, on-demand virtual interconnection service. It allows customers to directly, securely and dynamically make connections to cloud service providers (CSPs), to other customers or partners, or to their own infrastructure globally.

Discount to be discussed directly with SFA Members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Colin Tan

iCube Consortium Pte.Ltd.

iCube Consortium is a Singapore based Human Capital Solutions firm. It is founded by industry leaders who blend technology with domain expertise to build human capital solutions that are simple, speedy, scalable and cost effective.

We are twice funded by Enterprise Singapore; We won an award, listed as the top 10 solution providers by APAC CIO magazine.

We have a platform that aggregates domain experts CXO minus 3 level in Technology, Finance, Banking, HR, Risk & compliance, Business process re-engineering, Digitalisation, Business Strategy etc. We provide domain experts on full-time, part-time, short-term and turnkey basis through our 200K+ experts being curated on our platform. Our RMs will help clients in fulfilling the needs. Our solutions are leveraged by largest consulting firms, fast growing enterprises & PE/VC firms. Our clients span across Asia and GCC.

50% on fees and products for first 3 months

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Chandru Pingali

Sleek Tech Pte Ltd

Sleek helps entrepreneurs, SMEs and investors to effortlessly incorporate and manage all corporate secretary, accounting and tax compliance 100% online in Singapore & HK. To date, Sleek has assisted more than 4,500 companies to set up and succeed in Singapore and HK from tiny consulting shops, to sub-divisions of MNCS, and prominent startups.

With Sleek, you can incorporate a company 100% remotely, file requests to your company secretary and accountant 24/7, request a bank account opening and apply for visas and corporate insurance all remotely via our secure online portal.

* 100 SGD or 500 HKD immediate discount off your first invoice using SFA's referral code.
* 100% online company registration in Singapore and HK - no papers, no hassle.
* Free use of our digital signature SleekSign for all business needs
* Access to our extensive knowledge resources perfect for busy founders
* Exclusive access to more than $30k worth of free perks within Sleek's partner ecosystem (AWS, Stripe, GoogleCloud, HubSpot, etc)

SFA members get $100 discount using SFA's Affiliate Referral Code

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant [Enterprise Singapore]

Contact Person: Daniel Spencer

Vertical Institute

Vertical Institute prepare individuals and businesses for the jobs of tomorrow by empowering them with in-demand skills. We offer tech bootcamps to upskill and reskill your workforce for the future.

IBF-accredited UX Design Bootcamp

90% IBF Funding for SFA FinTech Certified Members

Solution Applicable for IBF-STS Funding Grant

Contact Person: Ryan Lim

FollowTrade Pte. Ltd.

FollowTrade is the solution with one community sharing and following each other's investment journey in a simple and transparent way. For a start, we will focus only on SGX listed stocks and crypto as our 2 trading asset classes.

#socialtrading #copytrade #bottrading

SFA members get to collaborate with FollowTrade Pte. Ltd.

Solution Applicable for Productivity Solutions Grant [Enterprise Singapore]

Contact Person: Roy Ling

Tagit Pte. Ltd.

Tagit is an award-winning omnichannel digital banking solutions provider. It is headquartered in Singapore with a strong track record in designing, developing and deploying digital solutions for leading banks across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The Company works closely with customers to develop and implement a holistic roadmap that is aligned to their business objectives and that brings their digital strategy to life, enabling quick time-to-market for business services.

Tagit’s Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform, Mobeix™, provides clients with a robust omnichannel platform that seamlessly and securely integrates with their systems. It provides business services across multiple channels, including mobile, web, wearables, conversational user interfaces and other customer touchpoints. Mobeix™ is a highly secure, scalable platform that can meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises, and it is PA-DSS certified v2.0.

Tagit partners with clients in their digital transformation journey, delivering best-in-class user experience (UX), innovative solutions and functional robustness built on a secure and scalable digital banking platform.

Founded in 2004, the Company has offices in India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

To know more about us, please visit – www.tagitmobile.com.

By being our partners in the regional markets in APAC

Solution Applicable for Market Readiness Grant and Enterprise Development Grant

Contact Person: Jalpa shah


Autonomy is a next-generation PR consulting and marketing services firm dedicated to helping enterprises and brands build out and articulate their innovation value proposition for impact and success.

Our clients include those in the deep technology sector spanning blockchain and space technologies; IoT and sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and digital transformation; and more.

Talk to us today on how you can create effective media publicity for your brands and innovations..

10% off total consulting fees for all SFA members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Tony Tan


Founded in 2004, BIPO has been a trusted partner to companies worldwide in their globalisation strategy. Focused on helping its customers improve efficiencies and mitigate risks, BIPO is driven by R&D that utilises the latest innovation to stay ahead of today’s evolving business environment.

To make life easier, BIPO’s comprehensive HR solutions can be customised flexibly on a single dashboard and integrated seamlessly with third-party platforms. BIPO’s key product categories include HRMS platform, Payroll Outsourcing, Project Employment Outsourcing, Overseas Landing Advisory Services, and Global Mobility Solutions. Proven to be highly effective and widely adaptable, BIPO’s solutions have helped many international corporations expand compliantly across the globe.

Discount available for all SFA members

Solution is Applicable for ESG Grant

Contact Person: Zac Ma


Enterprise-level API management platform: digiRunner

digiRunner is an enterprise-level API management platform 100% compliant with Open API Specification (OAS). It connects existing APIs and supports multiple API formats, providing enterprises with complete API lifecycle management tools. digiRunner facilitates information security management, monitoring management, access and authority control, transaction security management, and big data processing, as well as providing varied analysis reports for maximum insight. It has API composer that you can easily create, re-use or compose the existing API. It boosts your operational efficiency by 90%.

Discount available for all SFA members

Discount available for all SFA members

Contact Person: Yvonne Chien

Collectius CMS (S) Pte Ltd

We provide debt management solutions to our clients with over 22 years of experience and presence in the debt recovery industry. We have and are assisting clients in industries such as Financial Institutes, Financing companies (P2P and Microlending), BNPL, Telecos, Governments, Insurance, and all other SME corporations on B2B and B2C types of outstanding. We are diversified in the nature of the debts we worked on and we always do our best to help out our clients in need.

50% off annual subscription fee of $800 (excluding GST) available for all SFA and Fintech Certified members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Nabillah Siti

AND Global PTE

e-KYC, Lending, Credit Scoring, Link API, e-Commerce, Super app

Discount available for all SFA members

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Anudari Enkhsaikhan

Skuad Pte Ltd

Capitalize on opportunities in international markets while reducing costs and mitigating risks. Startups and large enterprises can now access the best talent globally, build diverse distributed teams.

With Skuad, it is easy to avoid expensive costs associated with traditional global expansion methods. Our digital employment infrastructure ensures that companies can hire, onboard and pay employees and contractors in 160+ countries, without setting up local entities, on a unified dashboard. We also manage cross-border payroll payments in 100+ currencies at a fraction of the cost.

Our legal infrastructure manages all local compliances and provides a range of amazing country-specific benefits packages.

10% off Skuad fees on first 4 hires for 12-months for both SFA and Fintech Certified Members. (Save up to USD 718 per employee in the first year.)

Solution Not Applicable for Grants

Contact Person: Abhinav Charan

Email: [email protected] (mention "Singapore Fintech Association member discount")