Fostering the development and growth of Singapore's InsurTech ecosystem through collaboration with regulators and industry stakeholders

Digital Financing

To educate, inform, and communicate through the building of a connected Marketplace Lending ecosystem


Fostering Singapore's WealthTech ecosystem, promoting innovation and adoption within the industry


Promoting the invention and adoption of technologies to achieve better regulatory outcomes

Women in FinTech

Representing the voice of women in FinTech and provide a platform for women to network, share, and find mentorship

Cyber Risk

To promote the development and adoption of Cyber Risk management best practices through collaboration and knowledge sharing with industry stakeholders


Fostering the growth and adoption of technologies in Singapore's remittance and cross-border payment ecosystems

Web 3.0

To promote dialogue and innovation towards the evolution of the World Wide Web, supporting the next stage of growth into Web3.0

Green & Sustainable

Fostering the development of solutions that channel capital towards an inclusive, net-zero carbon and resilient economy in Singapore


Representing the Payments community in Singapore to engage with regulators on regulations, market structure, and practices within the financial services sector

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