Money FM 89.3 Interview: SFA President Shadab Taiyabi Speaks on Evolving FinTech Talent Landscape

16 November 2023, Singapore

Singapore FinTech Association President Shadab Taiyabi recently discussed the evolving landscape of talent in FinTech with Hongbin Jeong from Money FM 89.3 during the Singapore FinTech Festival. This conversation coincided with the launch of the FinTech Talent Report 2023, a collaborative effort between SFA and Accenture Singapore.

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The report delves into how FinTechs are navigating and prospering in the current business environment, particularly in developing their talent amidst prevailing skills and talent shortages. Despite a dip in funding over the last three years, the FinTech sector anticipates a 30% workforce growth in the coming one to two years. Notably, 22% more FinTech companies, as revealed in this year’s report, anticipate continued growth, albeit at a more gradual pace.

Read the FinTech Talent Report here