1. How do you feel about being the winner of Block Battle Season 2? 

SOMESING team participated in the competition with the sole goal of being featured on TV for exposure. We did not expect to win Block Battle S2, and we are astonished to receive such an honor. The real-use case of our project, as well as real user base using our product, we believe, played a major role in winning us the honor. I would like to thank all our team members and related personnel
that brought our project to this stage.

2. What made you decide to appear in the block battle?

As we entered the blockchain industry of SOMESING last year, we experienced that it was difficult to be examined and advised in the eyes of various experts on business, legal compliance, and BM design. We believe a survival environment of Block Battle will push our team to grow even further with various advisory provided by the program.

3. What is the background of starting with the blockchain project?

As we mentioned in both rounds of Block Battle, we wanted to create an environment where users can enjoy more utility and have more fun on karaoke app services. We have always wanted to bring changes to the limitations of paid-services and existing system structure, and we are proud to say that blockchain solved these previous questions with smart contracts and token economy.

4. Where do you see yourself in next 2-3 years with the blockchain project?

Our project outlines up to 5 years of Roadmap, and our vision to provide a service that lets anyone sing with their innate gift. Our first goal is to acquire 10 Million Downloads across the world, as we expand to different Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan. We expect ourselves to be in the middle of our journey, sailing to our goal in 2~3 years.

5. Any word of advice for emerging blockchain start-ups?

We too are a start-up, that still has a long way to go. We do have something to share with those startups who are as excited as us to make an impact in this world. Everyone is doing their job for the first time in a startup. Experience does matter, but at the end of the day, everyone is doing what they are doing for the first time in a different setting. We strongly believe that by focusing on making
proactive decisions to pursue and perform what we can do is the best way to create drive, change, and momentum for further growth. Stay ‘tuned’ for SOMESING, and if you haven’t tried our application yet, visit Google PlayStore or Apple Store to check out the winner of Block Battle S2.