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SFA FinTech Certification - Terms & Conditions

The FinTech Certification is awarded solely by SFA and certifies the company as a ‘FinTech’ under the certification criteria.

The certificate can be displayed on the certified company’s corporate website. For display of the certificate on other promotional materials, please email [email protected] for a case-by-case review.


The SFA FinTech Certification does not imply any of the following:

  • Approval of the company's materials or representations used for sales, advertising, or other promotional efforts
  • Endorsement of any particular level of quality or performance by SFA
  • Any partnership with, or affiliation to, SFA
  • Truthful or accurate representation or statement the company made to customers or the general public
  • Anything else beyond identifying that the user is a certified ‘FinTech’ by SFA


Unapproved Use of the Certificate

In the event that any of these guidelines are violated, SFA retains the right to revoke the certificate at its sole and absolute discretion.


Revocation of the Certification

SFA retains the right to revoke the certificate if a Certified FinTech company is at any time found:

  • to be untruthful in its certification application;
  • to be involved in any legal proceedings that may harm the image of the industry; or
  • to be engaged in any activity that may harm the reputation of SFA,

in each case, as may be determined by SFA in its sole and absolute discretion.

FinTech certificate is renewable annually with a nominal fee as stated on the SFA website.

SFA has the right to revoke the certificate at any time in its sole and absolute discretion, by giving 7 calendar days’ notice.