The Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) is in the process of launching its Payments Group.

The mission of the Payments Group will be to foster the development of a payments body that reflects and promotes the growth and establishment of a vibrant payments ecosystem, and sound payments services industry in Singapore, by focusing on 4 key pillars:

1. Sharing and broadening industry knowledge and information

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2. Driving industry engagement

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3. Facilitating regulatory discussions

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4. Building an industry organisation to represent the interest of its members

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Activities and resources members will have access to include:

1. Invitations and timely access to industry consultations on payments related policies and regulations.

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2. A platform for regular industry and regulatory engagement on matters of common interest, concern or benefit.

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3. Industry research and surveys conducted to better understand the payments landscape.

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4. Initiatives to help members gain increased visibility at key industry events and forums.

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There are two ways to be involved:

Payments Group Membership

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Membership will be open to SFA members* who are payments services providers operating in Singapore (licensed or exempt under the Payment Services Act), payments systems or technology providers supporting the payments industry in Singapore.

Payments Group Sub-Committee

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To drive the Payments Group's programmes and assist with the day-to-day running, we are also setting up a Payment Sub-Committee (Sub-Com). Members for this Sub-Com will be selected by the SFA ExCo from the Payments Group to be a representative of a cross-section of providers and stakeholders in the payments sector in Singapore.

Key Dates:

16 June: Payments Group interest and Sub-Committee nominations open
04 July: Deadline for submissions
05-18 July: Sub-Committee selection process, interested parties will be contacted with next steps
19 July: Sub-Committee decision announced
23 July: Sub-Committee formed and Payments Group commences


If you’re interested in joining the Payments Group or the Payments Group and Sub-Com, please fill in the form below.

*Note: Non-members who wish to join the Payments Group and Sub-Com must first join the SFA and have their SFA membership confirmed by 23 July 2021. If membership is not completed by then, membership to the Payments Group and Sub-Com will be terminated. After 23 July 2021, non-members can still join the Payments Group but applications for the Sub-Com will have closed.

If you're not yet an SFA Member and would like to join, please click here.