SFA and Visa welcome CUHK MBA students to the local FinTech scene

Singapore, 9th February 2016 – MBA students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) had an eye-opening experience when they came to Singapore, hosted by Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) in collaboration with Visa. New technology demos were displayed at Visa’s first innovation centre in Asia Pacific nestled in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Industry experts shared their experience in the fintech space and helped students understand the ecosystem in Singapore as well as how Visa has been contributing in this space.

MBA Students from CUHK at Visa


Tokens of appreciation to our hosts

Checking out the cool displays at Visa Innovation Centre

Fireside chat with the speaker

This event is part of SFA’s wider nation-wide initiative to educate, inform and communicate by developing a connected Fintech ecosystem, channeling effective and relevant information within key stakeholders. Interested in co-creating fintech education? Drop us an email at [email protected]

About Singapore Fintech Association

The Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) (https://singaporefintech.org )is a cross-industry non-profit organization designed to facilitate collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem. Its members represent the full range of stakeholders in the FinTech industry, from early stage innovative companies to large financial players and service providers. The SFA also partners with institutions and other associations, from Singapore and globally, to cooperate on initiatives relating to the FinTech industry.


About Visa Innovation Centre

Visa Innovation Centre Singapore is Visa’s first innovation centre in Asia Pacific. The new slightly over 7,000 square feet facility in Singapore has been established as a destination for clients, merchants and partners to collaborate, design and prototype new digital payment experiences together with the growing global community of fintech developers across the region. Visa’s global network of innovation centers provide developers, clients, and partners an innovative space to jointly develop the next generation of commerce applications. This is to demonstrate the art of the limitless innovation possibilities.