Noviscient wins and cements the FinTech bridge between Singapore and Denmark

Noviscient, a Singapore-based AI open-platform fund manager, has recently been selected as one of eight winners and the first Asian startup to join the Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator.

Singapore, 7 March 2019 – The Singaporean-Danish FinTech tie continues to pave the way for strong startup collaboration – the latest living proof is Noviscient. As the two FinTech hubs seek to strengthen their global positions, Singapore-based Noviscient, as the first company to become part of the Copenhagen FinTech Accelerator, expresses the join ambition to lead the future of financial technologies by connecting startups. The process saw 135 entries from 35 countries.

As Scandivania has one of the most progressive and well-funded pension and savings sectors, the bridge gives Noviscient a great platform to further develop its business and exposure. Over the course of the six-month program, Noviscient will be working with partners and mentors in the accelerator to create new solutions that create value for the investor community.

Importantly, there are very strong ties and commitments between the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) and Copenhagen Fintech, with significant involvement from both the public and private sectors. The tie was cemented in November last year when the two groups, in collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore, announced a new DanSing Fintech Bridge to develop sustainable, innovative solutions.

Noviscient is first mover towards an Open Investment Management ecosystem that seeks to promote innovation and collaboration among the different specialist groups within the technology and investment management industries. By opening up investment management and using AI technology, Noviscient is addressing the growing needs and demands from institutional investors by providing access to a dynamic portfolio of innovative hedge funds that offer sustainable and genuine alpha returns.

‘We are incredibly excited by the opportunity be part of the Accelerace programme. We are benefiting from their depth of experience in building and scaling global companies. At the same time, we are seeing continued interest and engagement from institutional investors in the Danish and broader European ecosystem.’

Scott Treloar, Founder and CEO of Noviscient

About Noviscient
Noviscient is re-imagining investment management. Founded in 2016 in Singapore, Noviscient is a catalyzing change in the investment management industry by applying its proprietary Structured Dynamic Learning technology to transform trading strategies from our global hedge fund partners into superior and steady returns for our clients.

About Accelerace
Accelerace is one of the world’s top 10 seed accelerators. Since 2008 Accelerace has spotted, trained and invested in more than 500 of the most promising Danish and international startups and growth companies.

About Copenhagen FinTech
Copenhagen FinTech combines the visionary ideas of fintech entrepreneurs, the experience of the established financial sector, the desire for societal benefits of the public sector and research from universities with the overarching purpose of building a thriving fintech ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders.

About Singapore FinTech Association
SFA is a cross-industry and non-profit organization. It’s purpose is to support the development of the FinTech industry in Singapore, and to facilitate collaboration among the participants and stakeholders of the FinTech ecosystem in Singapore. The SFA is a member-based organization with over 330 members. It represents the full range of stakeholders in the FinTech industry, from early stage innovative companies to large financial players and service providers. To further it’s purpose, the SFA also partners with institutions and associations from Singapore and globally to cooperate on initiatives relating to the FinTech industry. The SFA have have signed over 40 international memorandum of understanding (MoU) and are the first U Associate organisation to be affiliated with National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Through their Fintech Talent (FT) Programme, launched in 2017, over 125 professionals have been trained in fintech, including blockchain & cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and regulation.

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About the DanSing FinTech Bridge
The DanSing Bridge aims to position and develop Singapore and Denmark as leading FinTech hubs in the global financial services industry by catalyzing and scaling the next generation of technology-led corporate and startup innovators. The initiative creates a strong and sustainable platform and fast-track concept for go-to-market, scaling and innovation in the Nordics and ASEAN. DanSing is a collaboration between the Singapore FinTech Association, Copenhagen Fintech and the Embassy of Denmark in Singapore to help financial institutions access new partnerships and talents.