Founder and CEO of Bambu, Ned Philips, talks about COVID-19 and their big plans in 2020

We met up with Ned Philips, Founder, and CEO of Bambu at their office, to catch up on the latest happenings in their business and how they are coping with the recent COVID-19 situation.

Bambu’s plans for 2020

How’s the business and what we can expect from Bambu in 2020? Ned said “Business has been great! We are now expecting several clients to go live in the coming month and launching our new product after months of development, in Miami this April. Definitely looking forward to that!”

Measures to ensure the safety of the employees

Since the outbreak, several precautions have been implemented to protect the well-being of their employees including the availability of hand sanitizers in office, temperature checks or even just allowing employees to stay home if they are not feeling well. He mentioned that although adjustments have to be made like travel bans for his clients or face to face meetings changing to calls, the impact on Bambu’s business has been minimal and projects are definitely ongoing. Every day, he keeps himself on top of the situation through the WhatsApp group and stands ready to deal with them if the situation worsens. More importantly, he has full confidence in the Singapore government taking the right and timely measures to overcome this outbreak.