FinTech Valley Vizag – Singapore Challenge

The government of Andhra Pradesh in India (Fintech Valley Vizag) and MAS have a strategic partnership and are encouraging Fintechs in the Singapore region to get market access to the government and Banking/Financial Services Corporates in India. As part of this endeavor,Fintech Valley Vizag is opening use cases and inviting Fintechs to apply for the Innovation Challenge by Fintech Valley Vizag. This challenge will be conducted at Singapore during the Singapore Fintech Festival.


Pick your challenge and apply now.
Government Use case # 1: Digital Identity creation for driving license on Blockchain
Government Use case # 2: Inventory Management of bulk cargo at Vizag Port on Blockchain
Government Use case # 3: Managing Bank Guarantee by the way of Smart contracts on Blockchain
Government Use case # 4: Open Innovation Challenge
Corporate Use case # 5: Leveraging IoT in Agricultural Processes
Corporate Use case # 6: Real time survey for Property related underwriting and claim


Membership Sub-Committee, SFA