Mission Trip to Jakarta
  • 22-25 August 2022
  • Jakarta, Indonesia

How can we tap into a “multi-trillion rupiah business opportunity”?

Our Indonesian business mission gave us an insightful look at investment opportunities in Indonesia’s digital economy, in B2B as well as B2C segments.

  • Bambang Budi Suwarso, CEO of KIB Consulting, spoke about challenges such as the complex corporate shareholding structure in Indonesia and why “relationships really matter” in hiring.
  • Alwin Jabarti Kiemas, CEO of TékenAja!, and the Deputy Secretary General of Asosiasi FinTech Indonesia, shared insights on rapid expansion into digital capital, insurtech, and wealthtech in Indonesia’s fintech space. Led by 5 core values – Innovation, New Business Models, Efficiency, Consumer Safety and Digital Adoption – the association is boldly working towards 90% financial inclusion in all regions by 2024.

During the fireside chat with Dima Djani, CEO of fintech Alami Syariah and Melisa Irene, Partner at East Ventures, speakers discussed the possibilities and areas where Indonesian and Singaporean fintech companies can collaborate more meaningfully, by leveraging each other’s strengths.

The 4 days spent in Indonesia with our delegates was truly exciting and fruitful, and we ended the journey on a high with valuable insights from Bank Danamon, one of Indonesia’s oldest and largest financial institutions, and its subsidiaries Adira Finance and Zurich Insurance.

Their focus on advancing digital transformation and delivering consumer-centric digital services in the country builds a strong foundation for fintech companies in Indonesia and Singapore to partner and collaborate with one another, be it in B2C, B2B, or B2B2C spaces.

A final shoutout to EnterpriseSG for all the support that made this mission trip a special one for our delegates!

With that, we bid farewell (for now) to the Land of Batik and Bakso with great learnings and memories. Sampai jumpa and terima kasih banyak, Indonesia 🇮🇩 We look forward to seeing you again!