Legal Office Hours

NOTE: Priority will be given to SFA Members



By completing the form above and taking part in the Legal Office Hours, you hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. Due to time constraints, responses to questions can be expected to be brief and is not intended to be and cannot be relied on or taken as a substitute for, proper legal advice rendered with the benefit of full instructions.

2. As the nature of these sessions are meant to be introductory, consultative and discussion-based, where the usual client engagement process, including clearing conflicts, have not been followed, there is no solicitor-client relationship between the firm and the attendees.  Accordingly, you should not provide confidential information about your legal matters to the law firm at these sessions.

3. All information and/or materials provided by the law firm should not be reproduced or forwarded to any third party without the law firm’s consent.

4. Should any start-up wish to proceed to instruct the law firm after the session, the law firm may, but is not obliged to, follow-up separately on their terms of engagement if requested to do so by the start-up.