Minutes of Meeting of AGM held on 07 Aug 2018

Singapore FinTech Association
Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 07 Aug 2018 6.30 pm at 80 Robinson Road Singapore 068898

  • With the required quorum of 30+ members/representatives, the Secretary called the meeting to order.
  • Secretary outlined the main purpose of the meeting:
    • Presentation of SFA’s year to date financials
    • SFA’s initiatives and progress since the last AGM
    • Constitution Amendment to clarify the term of Treasurer is 2 years
  • Secretary then presented the financials to all attending members.
  • President shared a presentation on SFA’s progress and initiatives since the last AGM.
  • Secretary then outlined the proposed change in the constitution, as is detailed below and asked all attending members to vote by a show of hands.  the amendment was passed by a unanimous vote.
  • The Secretary then called the meeting to a close.

Umang Moondra, Secretary