2017 Annual General Meeting – Results

To: Representative, SFA Member Companies

At the AGM held on the 4th August 2017, our members have voted in favour of all the resolutions. A total of 76 members voted and 41 members attended in-person. So we would like to say a big thank you to all members who took the time to vote this year. Details of the full results are set out below.

Proposal 1:
Change of name to "Singapore FinTech Association" from "FinTech Association (Singapore)".
Status: Approved           Yes: 71 (95%)       No: 4 (5%)

Proposal 2:

Clause 2.1: Approved       Yes: 75 (100%)      No: 0 (0%)

Clause 7.3: Approved       Yes: 74 (99%)       No: 1 (1%)

Clause 8.3: Approved       Yes: 63 (86%)       No: 10 (14%)

Clause 8.4: Approved       Yes: 73 (100%)      No: 0 (0%)

Election of Committee Members:
President:         Chia Hock Lai, NTUC Income
Vice President:    Eddie Lee, New Union
Secretary:         Umang Moondra, Avante Consulting
Treasurer:         Subhajit Mandal, Lumenlab

Committee Members: Joe Cho, Marvelstone
                   Adrian Fisher, Linklaters
                   Branson Lee, Blockchain Foundry
                   Varun Mittal, EY
                   Daphne Ng, JEDTrade
                   Pauline Sim, UOB
                   Anson Zeal, ACCESS

For more information, please contact the Secretary at [email protected].