WealthTech Leaders Series: Unlocking the power of digital platforms for affluent investors

 Last Thursday, our SFA WealthTech subcommittee, with support from Schroders, launched our WealthTech Leaders Series. The engaging panel session was moderated by our WealthTech Subcommittee Member Ritesh Ganeriwal and featured esteemed panelists Asheesh Chanda, Joycelyn Ong, Kimie Rasmussen, and Rahul Banerjee


They shared insights and reflections on unlocking the power of digital platforms for affluent investors, shedding light on the evolution of private markets and where the market is heading.


Here are some key takeaways from the session:


  • Digital investment platforms have transformed the industry by democratizing wealth management services for underserved segments.
  • Digital wealth management value chains will continue to evolve to address the specific needs of affluent clients, particularly in areas like legacy and succession planning 
  • Despite the rise of digital technologies, human experts remain essential for personalized services to filter, analyze, promote, and monitor investments.


We'd like to thank our panelists and attendees for making this session a success. Look out for the next enriching session of our WealthTech Leaders Series!