Project Tapir

🚀 🫵 Are you a Singapore FinTech company looking to expand your business in Malaysia but facing challenges or need advice on local industry insights?

📣 SFA is collaborating with Malaysia-based Venture Capital firms @Artem Ventures and @OSK Ventures International Berhad, and secondary partner @1337 Ventures to launch Project Tapir – supporting Singapore FinTechs in growing their business and entering the Malaysian market.

📈We are looking to shortlist promising Singapore FinTech companies for potential investment from Artem Ventures or OSK Ventures International Berhad. This includes companies in #Payments, #RegTech, #InsurTech, #AI, #Sustainability and climate-related tech, #Education, #Healthcare space, #Enterprise tech, and other emerging technologies.

✨Don’t miss this hard-to-come-by opportunity to break into the Malaysia market with the help of Artem Ventures or OSK Ventures International Berhad - Malaysia-based Venture Capital firms with deep expertise in the market!

Date : 14 March 2024, Thursday

Time : 5pm -6pm

Venue : Zoom

✅Criteria for applying with Artem Ventures✅

  1. Companies under Seed to Series B funding stage
  2. Ready product/service and achieved product-market fit in Singapore, initiating pilot or trial in Malaysia or having an already commercialized product or service
  3. Revenue generating with a clear profitability strategy in the next 3 years
  4. Aware of and able to measure the impact generated using common ESG and sustainability principles
  5. Already or committed to setting up an office in Malaysia and hiring Malaysian employees. Hold-Co in Singapore is acceptable
  6. Holds an active SFA membership

✅Criteria for applying with OSK Ventures International Berhad ✅

  1. Companies under Series A to C funding stage
  2. Companies with at least USD 5million in ARR and >15% Q-o-Q growth with clear path to profitability in 3 years
  3. Able to commit to ESG principles and track relevant ESG metrics on a quarterly basis
  4. Preference for startups with or has plans to setup engineering and/or support office in Malaysia
  5. Can be Malaysia or Singapore domiciled
  6. Holds an active SFA membership

🤝 📬 Applications are open till 15 March 2024. Apply here for Artem Ventures and here for OSK Ventures International Berhad.

👉Register Here for the Zoom Session