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Organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), the SFF Global FinTech Awards represent the industry's highest accolade for FinTech innovation. Based on the theme "Emerging from a pandemic, the road to recovery". The 2021 Awards seek to recognise FinTech initiatives that have helped to create new growth opportunities, transform industry practices, and promote financial inclusion amid challenging circumstances; as economies around the world look to recover and rebound from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.










Award CategoryEligibility CriteriaJudging CriteriaPrize
Top 10 FinTech Leaders- Individual must be in a Singapore-based FinTech or a FinTech that has a presence in the Singapore FinTech Ecosystem.- Impact
- Innovation
- Contribution
Commendation Plaque (Up to ten winners)
ASEAN FinTech Leaders- Individual must be based in an ASEAN country (excluding Singapore) or has a presence in the ASEAN FinTech Ecosystem.- Impact
- Innovation
- Contribution
Commendation Plaque (Up to five winners)
Women in FinTech- Individual must be a woman.

- Individual must be in a Singapore-based FinTech or a FinTech that has a presence in the Singapore FinTech Ecosystem.
- Impact
- Innovation
- Contribution
Commendation Plaque (Up to three winners)
FinTech Leaders Under 30- Individual must be in a Singapore-based FinTech or a FinTech that has a presence in the Singapore FinTech Ecosystem.

- Must be under 30 years old before 31 Dec 2021.
- Impact
- Innovation
- Contribution
Commendation Plaque (Up to three winners)
FinTech Employer of the year- Company must be registered in Singapore

- Company must be providing a technology solution for the financial sector as their core business
- Emphasises HR Policies that ensure staff well-being, fair remuneration and benefits.
- Well-structured training roadmap and ample training and development opportunities to cater to employees' needs for personal and career development.
- Show proof of work-life programmes/flexible work options such as job sharing, staggered time, telecommuting, leave schemes (marriage and family leave, unrecorded time off for family or personal matters etc).
- Support and commitment towards a strong local workforce
Commendation Plaque (Up to five winners)
Partners of FinTech- Company must be based in Singapore or have a Singapore presence.- Significantly contributed to the Singapore FinTech Ecosystem.Commendation Plaque (Up to five winners)
Social Impact Award- Company must be based in Singapore or have a Singapore presence

- Company must be a technology provider providing produict/services to the financial sector.
- Developed and deployed innovative FinTech services or solutions that were adopted by a significant number of businesses and/or end users, during the pandemic.
- The FinTech services or solutions created significant impact on the way such businesses operated or greatly enhanced the quality of lives of the end users, during the pandemic.
- There should be sustained relevance of such FinTech digital services and/or solutions beyond the pandemic
Commendation Plaque (Up to three winners)
Knowledge Enterprise Award- Company must be registered in Singapore.

- Company must be providing a technology solution for the financial sector as their core business.
- Implemented good practices in knowledge and intellectual capital management.
- Created Opportunities for companies/organisations to learn from one another to enhance their practices.
- Empowered employees or groomed Fintech talent through knowledge sharing to enhance personal employability and skill sets
Commendation Plaque (Up to three winners)


Award Category(Individual)
(Winners are presented with
a commemorative plaque)
Individual Name Company
Top 10 FinTech Leaders Caecilia Chu YouTrip
Calvin Choi AMTD Digital
Dhruv Arora Syfe
Rahul Banerjee BondEvalue
Rob Schimek Bolttech
Tuhina Singh Propine
Valenzia Yap PolicyPal Group
Varun Mittal EY
Venkatesh Saha Wise
Vikas Nahata Validus
ASEAN FinTech Leaders Hendra Kwik Fazz Financial Group
Kanagasabapathy Surendran CIMB Bank Berhad
Marek Hovorka Ubank by VPBank
Mark Lo AMTD Group
Sigit Kouwagam
Women in FinTech Melissa Wong Bolttech
Samantha Horton Syfe Pte Ltd
Smrithi Ravi Wise
FinTech Leaders Under 30 Ian Lee Merkle Science
Lisa Schroeder Vestr
Milena Naitoh Validus
Award Category (Corporate) Company
FinTech Employer of the Year Advance Intelligence Group
Revolut Technologies Singapore
Spark Systems
Knowledge Enterprise Award AMTD Group
Apptio Singapore
Smartkarma Innovations
Social Impact Award Credolab
Western Union
Partners of FinTech AMTD Digital
Digital Treasures Center
F10 Global Innovation Network Singapore
GrabTaxi Holdings
Whitechalk (Surer)


The SFF Global FinTech Awards represent the industry’s highest accolade for FinTech innovation.

This year’s awards take on special significance, given the tectonic shifts rapidly transforming the tech and financial services landscape in ASEAN and around the world, post Covid19.

Aptly themed, “Emerging from a pandemic, the road to recovery”, these awards recognise the fintech innovation and initiatives that are catalysing new growth opportunities, re-shaping industry practices and advancing people’s lives for the better.

As economies rebound from the impact of the pandemic, Advance Intelligence Group is honoured to support the Singapore Fintech Association in recognising the founders, leaders, companies and partners actively building and shaping this wider ecosystem.

As a homegrown company established in Singapore just over five years ago, we recognise the importance of a supportive ecosystem and being part of a wider community.

They say that with every challenge comes opportunity.

And as the world gradually emerges and adjusts to a post-pandemic state, the future is indeed bright for Singapore fintech to seize the opportunities in ASEAN and globally.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the SFF Global FinTech Awards.


Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining cost-effective mobile solutions to create mobile-first banking and branches, improving customer experience while providing the highest level of security to transform both physical and digital banking.

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The NETS Group is a leading payments services group, enabling digital payments for merchants, consumers and banks across the entire payments value chain.

The Group operates Singapore’s national debit scheme enabling customers of DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB to make payments using their ATM cards or mobile devices at more than 120,000 acceptance points in the country as well as online payments. The NETS network also accepts NETSPay, UnionPay and BCA cards, and includes 54,000 Unified POS terminals and 96,000 QR acceptance points. NETS is also the issuer of CashCard and FlashPay cards.

The NETS Group manages and operates Singapore’s clearing and payment infrastructure for core electronic transfer services FAST, Inter-bank GIRO and PayNow and is the market leader providing payment and clearing solutions (Real-Time Gross Settlement system and Cheque Truncation System) in the region.

NETS is a member of the Asian Payment Network and a council member of UnionPay International.

For more information on the NETS Group, please visit

Rapyd is the fastest way to power local payments anywhere in the world, enabling companies across the globe to access markets quicker than ever before. By utilizing Rapyd’s unparalleled payments network and fintech as a service platform, businesses and consumers can engage in local and cross-border transactions in any market. The Rapyd platform is unifying fragmented payment systems worldwide by bringing together 900-plus payment methods in over 100 countries.

Equinix, an official partner of AFIN, helps drive digital transformation and financial inclusion across Southeast Asia.

As the world’s digital infrastructure company™, Equinix meets the growing demand from FIs and FinTechs to interconnect and deploy a digital core that enables digital exchange across borders.

Through software-defined interconnection via Equinix Fabric™, FIs and FTs in SE Asia can access key global financial centers and ecosystems across 230+ Equinix IBX data centers via an on-demand, low-latency and private global network.

Why Chintai Matters to the Fintech Ecosystem

Chintai is a global fintech company that uses blockchain technology to modernise capital markets.
The company headquarters was established in Singapore in 2019 and a technology lab in Frankfurt, Germany. The founding members are from diverse backgrounds, including banking, psychology, and physics, which has enabled us to take a unique approach to build a blockchain technology company.
Compliance is anchored at the core of everything we do. It guides us in our decision making, product development, recruitment, and partnerships.
Our passion is centred on democratising access to financial services. To achieve this mission, we use blockchain to automate the trade lifecycle in capital markets infrastructure. To us, a fair and inclusive financial system is free from the corruption that fuels wrongdoing like money laundering and terrorism financing.

Our blockchain platform, embedded with automated compliance and our proprietary solution Sentinel-AI, allows our clients to customise, test and white label the technology for their needs without an upfront cost.

Chintai’s raison d'etre is to democratise and modernise capital markets for asset managers, banks and SMEs. We believe in transforming capital markets today into the blockchain opportunity of tomorrow for everyone. We know we can only do this with the right partners, and we welcome collaborators in the fintech ecosystem to join us in this journey.

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NTUC’s e2i has been working closely with SFA since 2017 to co-create and develop manpower and training initiatives to move talent into the FinTech space, and to help existing FinTech professionals stay competitive in their careers.

As the economy shifts to recover from the pandemic, more new opportunities will be created for the FinTech industry. e2i and SFA are ramping up efforts to curate more employment and employability opportunities to build up greater workforce capabilities for the fast-growing sector.