The SGUnited Skills programme is a full-time training programme ranging from six to 12 months. The programme will comprise certifiable courses delivered by Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres, including Institutes of Higher Learning. The training courses are designed in partnership with the industry to help trainees acquire industry-relevant skills that can improve their employability. Trainees will also have the chance to apply the skills learnt during the programme, through opportunities like workplace immersions and industry projects.

Trainees will also benefit from employment facilitation efforts offered by training providers. To facilitate transition to employment as and when job opportunities are present, the SGUnited Skills programme will be conducted in a modular format.

Trainees will also receive a training allowance of $1,200 per month for the duration of the programme, to cover basic subsistence expenses*. Course fees will be highly subsidised, to keep the SGUnited Skills programme affordable. Individuals can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset the course fees.

This programme will be rolled out progressively from July 2020.

* Trainees who are concurrently receiving COVID-19 Support Grant (CSG) or Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS) payouts will receive a lower training allowance as they are already receiving income relief.

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NUS FinTechSG Programme

Students who enrol in the NUS-FinTechSG Programme will undergo a structured two-month intensive full-time course on the fundamentals of FinTech and business, subsequent programming concepts, as well as knowledge and development tools used in the FinTech industry. They can apply for a full-time traineeship of between nine to 12 months with leading financial institutions and companies such as UBS, Razer, and Bank of Singapore, which are expected to offer career paths based on merit.

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SGUS Blockchain Talent Programme

The Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Singapore Blockchain Association (SBA) are pleased to introduce the Blockchain Talent Programme (BTP). This is a Programme offered to trainees with coding background such as engineering and computer science to become blockchain developers, project managers, business analysts and consultants in the Financial Services Industry..


Advanced Diploma in Python Programming and Applied Data Analytics

This programme offers students the opportunity to advance their careers and highly sought after skills for the new digital economy. Students will learn how to use the right software and techniques to read visual and statistical data and present it in a way that solves real world problems. The course emphasises collaboration, experiential learning and team building to solve data-driven challenges.

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SGUS for Digital Transformation and Innovation ™

This programme consists of 10 training modules. By completing this programme successfully, the participants will be awarded 7 Certificates of Attainment (COAs) in Digital Transformation and Innovation, Digital Manufacturing and Industrial 4.0 Enabling Technologies. A lab-based practise training module and 2 project-based training modules are designed to provide the unique opportunities to the participants to learn and apply the cutting edge technologies and skills in data mining techniques, overall equipment effectiveness, production planning and scheduling for smart manufacturing and data analytics-driven inventory planning and equipment condition monitoring techniques.


Digital Design & Marketing for Wholesale Trade

Digital media is on the rise, are you ready for it? Online media consumption has seen tremendous growth and demand across digital devices. Get on board by building essential digital skills that are readily applicable across workplaces. Learn how design and creativity blends with technology and businesses as you discover the ins-and-outs of website creation, design principles combined with design thinking and critical thinking skills. Jump on board the social media bandwagon, and learn how to tap on social media to enhance one's digital presence.


Up-Skill in Financial Analytics

This course aims to equip you with knowledge and skills in financial analytics to apply business intelligence techniques to produce reports on business performance; select and use appropriate business intelligence applications to support business objectives; apply financial services knowledge to new Fintech business models;
and develop a financial analytics project using business intelligence techniques.


Data Analyst for Wholesale Trade (Data Analytics Bootcamp and Financial Management Bootcamp (Blended))

The Data Analytics Bootcamp seeks to address the burgeoning demand for professionals equipped with the necessary technical competencies in manipulating, visualising and analysing data. The hands-on curriculum aims to train students in the necessary programming and data manipulation skills, as well as the know-how in analysing and visualising data. Students will also learn how to decipher insights and craft thoughtful narratives from data.

Our Financial Management Bootcamp is designed to help you understand the financial issues confronting businesses today and how to use the new financial knowledge acquired to make more informed decisions to better manage businesses.


Up-Skill in Financial Advisory Services

This course focuses on equipping you with knowledge and skills in financial analytics. You will learn to apply business intelligence techniques to produce reports on business performance; select and use appropriate business intelligence applications to support business objectives; apply financial services knowledge to new Fintech business models; develop a financial analytics project using business intelligence techniques.


Advanced Diploma in Web and Mobile Application Development

Participants explore the field of web and mobile app development through a common language, JavaScript, and a variety of other languages, tools, and frameworks, in SMU's Advanced Diploma in Web and Mobile Application Development. This programme provides participants with a deeper understanding of how the two fields can reinforce and complement each other, and be well-equipped to handle the broad and changing needs of app development in the real world.


Up-Skill in Data Science

The aim of this course is to enhance your knowledge and skillsets to perform more advanced analytics tasks by equipping you with advanced skills such as augmented analytics apabilities to streamline data preparation, data
exploration and insight discovery; use automated Machine Learning (ML) to automate ML modelling and model operationalization; select and use appropriate tools to automatically find and visualise insights; and collaborate
insights through eective data storytelling.