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SFA Resources


A series of publications supported by SFA in the various sub-sectors and themes of FinTech

The ASEAN Access to Digital Finance Study by University of Cambridge and ADB Institute (320 downloads)

Decentralized Finance: A Future Where It Could Integrate with Traditional Finance (502 downloads)

FinTech's State of Play: Taking stock of Singapore's FinTech landscape 2022 (892 downloads)

FinTech Talent Report 2022 (1744 downloads)

FinTech in ASEAN 2022: Finance, reimagined (871 downloads)

BNPL Accreditation, Trustmark, and Ongoing Monitoring (205 downloads)

Buy Now, Pay Later (“BNPL”) Code of Conduct (1760 downloads)

Finance Sector Analysis (595 downloads)

Singapore FinTech Association and Hungarian FinTech Association sign MOU at 1st Singapore-Hungary FinTech Business Forum (242 downloads)

MAS and SFA Announce Award Winners at Singapore Fintech Festival (253 downloads)

FinTech in ASEAN 2021 (649 downloads)

SFA-Accenture FinTech Talent Day Report 2021 (439 downloads)

FinTech in ASEAN: Get Up, Reset, Go! (931 downloads)

Singapore FinTech Landscape 2020 and Beyond (2953 downloads)

Seizing Opportunities for Growth Fintech Talent Survey (1245 downloads)

Insurance Redefined - A Roadmap for Insurers and Insurtech (1028 downloads)

Southeast Asia: Coming of the Digital Challenger Banks (2345 downloads)

Digital Challenger Banks Reference Document (SFA x BCG X Fintech Control Tower) (3491 downloads)

FSP Compliance Readiness Framework (3136 downloads)

Indian Union Budget 2020 – 21 (811 downloads)

State of FinTech in ASEAN (2679 downloads)

ASEAN Remittance Landscape (1600 downloads)

SFA AGM Minutes 2020 (211 downloads)

FinTech in ASEAN - The Next Wave of Growth (1181 downloads)

FinTech Ecosystem Playbook (1193 downloads)

FinTech Talent Report (3536 downloads)

Singapore Pavilion at Singapore FinTech Festival 2019 (839 downloads)

SME Go FinTech (English) (3963 downloads)

SME Go FinTech (Chinese) (745 downloads)

Singapore FinTech Awards 2019 (1469 downloads)

FinTech in ASEAN- From Start-up to Scale-up (1003 downloads)

FinTech Support Package Infographic (1746 downloads)

The COVID-19 Support Navigator (ver. 3) (829 downloads)