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R3 Venture Development Program

As the blockchain platform built for business, Corda powers a world of frictionless commerce. More than 300 companies in the thriving Corda ecosystem show the possibilities that this exciting technology offers as they bring more application (CorDapps) live to reduce costs, create new revenue streams or reshape entire markets.

R3’s Venture Development program is the gateway into R3 and the Corda ecosystem for all pre-series A companies building on Corda. We help you to validate your business and product market fit faster.

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IMDA's Open Innovation Platform

Stand a chance to get in on some exciting innovation challenges / projects on IMDA's Open Innovation Platform: - Over $1 million in total prize monies and potential business partnerships. Have a look now!

Please click the button below to view the challenges on IMDA’s Open Innovation Platform:

P2 «Prototype To Product» Singapore

We are an ecosystem of Startups, Corporates, Experts and Investors, reshaping global finance through talent, technology and dedication.

As a Zurich and Singapore based FinTech Incubator and Accelerator, F10 supports and guides Startups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international organizations. The Home of FinTech is committed to driving innovation across industries of tomorrow.


PayPal Startup Partnership Program

For startups to succeed, they need a community in which they can thrive. Through this PayPal Partnership program, PayPal endeavors to nurture and support the creation of a new generation of technology companies. It provides an access to FinTech domain experts, mentoring and guidance by business leaders, and access to a network of investors.

It also provides a partnership model whereby over a 5-month duration, PayPal business and product champions and startups come together to co-develop a proof-of-concept (POC) or conduct trial. Based on a pre-agreed set of success metrics, the collaboration will serve as validation of the ideas and concepts, and can lead to a formal procurement, business partnership or investment by PayPal.


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