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1. What is your day job?

I am the founder of a start-up called HomeCrowd, an early stage mortgage crowdlending platform.


2. What motivated you to sign up for the Fintech Talent Programme (FTP)?

To possess a deeper understanding of Fintech and to network with different stakeholders in the Fintech ecosystem.


3. In what aspect did the FTP help you in your career development or personal life?

I am able to apply concepts that I have learnt to enhance the value proposition of my business.


4. Which are your favourite moments, courses or trainers during the programme? 

I enjoyed the course and my interactions with the trainers. However, one trainer which stood out was Kevin Pang, as he was able to address all of my questions well. I was impressed by his relevance and knowledge of Fintech, and he is now one of my mentors in my start-up.


5. Would you recommend the FTP to others and why?

I would recommend this to individuals who are genuinely interested to learn and discover more about Fintech. Otherwise, this is not a programme for those who are into Fintech because of its hype and are not willing to put in much effort to apply their knowledge outside of the course.