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SFA and Razer Fintech partner to support Singapore FinTech Ecosystem amidst COVID-19

Leveraging on Razer's US$50 million Covid-19 Support Fund to support business partners and help them tide over the negative impact brought about by Covid-19, SFA and Razer will assist FinTech companies in Singapore by providing assistance through 4 pillars of support.

Help curate best-in-class FinTech companies in Singapore through partnerships or investment

SFA would work closely with the Razer team, to curate a list of promising fintech companies to apply for bridge financing, equity or equity-linked instruments ranging from USD$100,000 to USD$1.5 million depending on the stage of growth and requirements.

Support the initial screening and due diligence process

SFA would provide the initial screening and evaluation of the applicants through the Fintech Certification Program

Joint Networking Events

SFA would co-organise industry events with Razer to promote the fintech scene in Singapore

Cash Flow and Marketing Support Programs

SFA & Razer would discuss channels to support the Fintech to tide over this period through cash flow and marketing support programs (Details to be announced)

Application Process

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Step 1: Ensure your company is FinTech Certified

  • Ensure that your company has been granted the FinTech Certification by SFA. Non-certified companies are not eligible for this application
  • You can apply for the FinTech Certification here

Step 2: Fill up the Application Form

  • Fill out the application form here
  • You will need to upload your ACRA information and your Company Pitch Deck

Step 3: Review by SFA

  • SFA will review the application within 7 working days
  • SFA may request for additional information where needed

Step 4: Recommendation of Successful Applicants to Razer FinTech

  • Upon a successful application, SFA will notify Razer FinTech of the successful Company Application
  • Your company will also be notified, and should then proceed to apply for the Support Fund directly with Razer Fintech*

*Please note that approval of Razer Covid-19 Support Funds is subject to Razers' discretion

What You Should Prepare

Company Documents

ACRA File (Dated within Last 3 Months)*

FinTech Certificate

Supporting Documents

Company Pitch Deck*

Additional Solutions/Documents which can support your application

*Denotes Compulsory Documents