SFA Individual Membership: Frequently Asked Questions



What is SFA Individual Membership?

SFA Individual membership programme is an initiative of SFA to provide a platform where those who are interested in FinTech can enhance and improve their journey in FinTech.


What is the difference between SFA Individual Membership and SFA Corporate Membership?

SFA Individual membership is targeting individuals regardless of their employment status or employer. As such, benefits also differ to cater to the needs of individuals. For Corporate membership, please refer to here.


Is there an annual membership fee?

Yes, there are annual membership fees. Please review our individual membership plan here.


Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

SFA Individual Membership is non-transferable.


Can I cancel the membership and get a refund of my membership?

SFA Individual Membership cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.


How long do I have to wait for my e-membership card?

We will send your e-membership card within 3 working days. You can still find and register for our exclusive events on the website.


When do I need to present my e-membership card?

You may be required to present your e-membership card when attending our events. If you are an NTUC-SFA member, you can show us your NTUC card instead. For NTUC-SFA Membership, please see below.


I haven’t received my e-membership card.

Please contact us at [email protected]g.


When will my membership be activated?

The membership will be activated upon payment.


Do you accept any installment plans?

We do not have any installment options.


Can I attend the courses and events if I do not sign up for membership?

You can still attend our events and courses open to the public. However, you will not enjoy the special rates offered only to members.


If I am a foreigner, am I eligible to apply for SFA Individual Membership?

Yes, all foreigners are welcome!



What is the NTUC-SFA Membership Programme?

SFA is an affiliated association to NTUC. As a member of SFA, you get to enjoy the benefits provided for by the association as well as a full suite of NTUC membership benefits, except workplace representation.


How can I join and sign up as a NTUC-SFA member?

SFA members who are non-NTUC members

This membership is offered to SFA members who are non-NTUC members.

Following the successful membership registration on the SFA website, you will receive a welcome letter with the NTUC membership application form. To enjoy the benefits provided by the NTUC membership (except workplace representation), please fill up the form and post it by dropping at any post box. Please note that the NTUC membership effective date will be aligned to the SFA membership effective date hence we strongly encourage you to fill in the form and send it back as soon as you can.


SFA members who are existing NTUC members

Existing NTUC members (paying annual union membership fee of S$117) shall remain as Ordinary Branch/General Branch members with their respective unions and the NTUC benefits provided under NTUC-SFA will not be applicable.

In the event that any of these existing NTUC members might prefer to come under this NTUC-SFA membership programme, NTUC does not accept opt-in as a general guideline policy. All existing NTUC members are under the care of the respective Unions and enjoying the full suite of benefits and privileges provided.


Can I opt-out of the NTUC-SFA membership programme halfway through my membership tenure and transfer my NTUC membership to Union (Ordinary Branch) membership while still retaining my SFA membership?

If you are a not an existing NTUC member, you will enjoy the NTUC benefits when you sign up as SFA member. We do not accept transfer of the NTUC-SFA membership as a general policy guideline as mentioned in point 2 of this FAQ.


What is the fee for this membership scheme?

The membership fee is S$149 per annum which is payable to SFA, unless stated otherwise.


What is the difference in benefits offered to between NTUC members and NTUC-SFA members?

All NTUC-SFA members enjoy the same benefits as NTUC members, except for workplace representation by unions and union-related benefits.


I have ceased to be a SFA member. Can I still keep my NTUC membership?

When you have ceased to be a SFA member, your NTUC-SFA membership will also cease. You will need to re-sign up as a new NTUC member via the normal membership sign up means.


When does the NTUC membership expire?

The NTUC membership is valid for 1 year from the date of issue of the SFA membership. You will need to renew your SFA membership in order to continue your NTUC membership.


When can I start enjoying the membership benefits?

You can enjoy the SFA membership benefits immediately after successful registration using an e-card. To enjoy the NTUC membership benefits, you will need to complete the NTUC application form that is sent to you together with the welcome letter. We strongly encourage you to fill up the self-addressed application form and mailed it back as soon as possible to start enjoying the NTUC benefits. Your membership form will be processed upon receipt and a NTUC membership card will be sent to you separately.


How do I renew my NTUC-SFA membership?

As long as you remain a SFA member, SFA will renew your NTUC-SFA membership on an annual basis.


How do I terminate my NTUC-SFA membership and is this immediate?

When you terminate your SFA membership, your NTUC membership will also be terminated. You will need to contact SFA to terminate the membership of processing timeline of up to 1 month.


Will there be a refund of membership fees if I decide to terminate the membership?

There will strictly be no refund of the balance membership fee if member decides to terminate the membership before the expiry of the membership.


I have cancelled my NTUC-SFA membership. Can I continue to be a NTUC FairPrice member as I am holding onto the NTUC FairPrice shares?

Once you have ceased to be a SFA-NTUC member, your NTUC FairPrice membership will also be terminated and the shares will be refunded to you at S$1 per share.


For an update of particulars, who should I inform?

You should inform SFA for any updates of contact particulars.


I lost/did not receive my NTUC membership card. How should I get a replacement and how long will this take?

If you did not receive your card, you may contact SFA to ensure that they have sent out the card.

In the event if SFA has sent out the membership card but you did not receive, you can contact NTUC hotline for a card replacement. The first replacement card is free-of-charge. A subsequent replacement card is chargeable at S$3. It will take up to 14 working days for the replacement.


I do not have the SFA sticker on my card. How do I get a replacement?

You may contact SFA to get the sticker replaced.


I signed up for the NTUC-SFA membership during a SFA event. When can I receive my NTUC membership card?

Please contact SFA or NTUC to check the status of the card.

(For information: NTUC takes approximately 2-4 weeks for membership card processing)


Can SFA corporate members join NTUC-SFA membership?

NTUC-SFA membership is an individual membership scheme and individuals who are aged above 16 years old with a valid NRIC/FIN number are welcome to enjoy the membership benefits. However due to the existing NTUC membership criteria, the following will not be able to join as NTUC members nor enjoy NTUC benefits:-

  • Personnel from Singapore Police Force
  • Personnel from Singapore Prison Service
  • Personnel from Auxillary Police bodies (e.g. Certis Cisco, Aetos and SATS)
  • Foreign domestic workers

However, the abovementioned can still join SFA individual membership.

If you have any questions regarding the SFA Individual membership, please fill out the form below!

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For any enquiries regarding the NTUC membership, please contact NTUC hotline at 6213 8008. Alternatively, you may submit an online enquiry here.