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Agenda for Election Annual General Meeting (ELECTION AGM) For Year 2021

To: Representative, Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) Member Companies

Agenda for the Election AGM is as follows:

Item 1: Election of Committee Members

Item 2: 2020 Recap

Item 3: Accept the previous financial year's accounts and annual report of the Committee [Appendix A]

Item 4: Declare and designate an amount from the immediately preceding financial year, as a Reserve for acceptance and Appointment [Appendix B]

Item 5: Year in Focus 2021 

Item 6: Voting to Approve Constitution Amendments [Appendix C]

Item 7: Election Results announcement


Details of Election AGM: 

Date: Thursday, 25th March 2021 (Virtual)

  • Part 1 of the Election AGM – starts at 11 am for voting on Item 1 (Election of Committee Members) only. IMPORTANT: Voting for Item 1 will end at 6 pm SHARP on 25th March 2021
  • Part 2 of the Election AGM – starts at 6 pm for Items 2-7 above [voting for Items 3, 4 and 6]

Please register for the Virtual AGM in advance. For more information about the Election AGM, please contact the Secretary at [email protected]

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Ngee Hua LIM
Singapore FinTech Association (SFA)
19 March 2021