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EasierTrades is building an exciting online marketplace for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It will bring together the best technologies and financial services that are only available to the large companies today and make them accessible to the SMBs. We will address the unmet needs of millions of exporters and importers who form the backbone of a USD25 Trillion global trade but do not have access to the best payment methods, cheapest rates, and other essential tools for doing cross-border trade such as currency hedging, finance and trade protection.

Our goal is to take all the complexity out of this trade process and make it seamless and easy to use. Our platform is cloud-based and easy to use. Our mobile and web apps simplify and digitalize every step of the process. Using our cloud-based platform, the SMBs can do more business with trusted parties in a cheap, fast and convenient manner.

The Role

We are looking for a product manager to join the founding team. This is our first product manager hire. The person will be responsible for launching the first version of the product. This is an opportunity to build a new product ground up and have the opportunity to solve a very real and complex problem.

The product manager will work closely with the founders, the engineering team, compliance and legal consultants, our service providers and most importantly with end customers to ensure we follow an iterative process to deliver a product which works for the end customer.

Experience in fintech and cross-border payments will be a big plus as one of key value propositions is to solve the B2B payment problem and make it seamless. This requires an understanding of the card network guidelines, the regulatory requirements, how to bring together the existing payment rails and integrating various other financial services like escrow, financing in a way which delivers a delightful user experience.

The product manager should obsess about the user experience and constantly think of ways to deliver value to the customer and build a bigger and better moat.

Since this will be our first hire outside the founding team, we will look for someone who shares the founders vision and is going to be an important part of shaping the culture of the company and of the product philosophy. We are looking for someone who is intelligent, resourceful, scrappy and can get things done. The person should be comfortable working independently and in a small team.


* 6+ years of experience in a product management
* Payments and fintech experience will be a huge plus
* Understanding and experience in working with 3rd party APIs
*Deep design mindset and obsessive about user experience
* Experience and willingness to run discover process to unearth unarticulated and articulated user requirements
* Strong written and verbal communication skills with a precise talent for articulating customer challenges
* Tolerance for ambiguity
* Prior experience with startups is a plus
* Understanding of SMBs and B2B sector is a plus

Why Join Us

EasierTrades is founded by 3 seasoned professionals with extensive experience in payments, ecommerce, technology, cross border trade and high growth technology businesses. The company has just completed the seed round from reputed institutional investors and is now looking to build the team and the product.

This is an amazing opportunity to join a fantastic crew before the rocket ship launch. It will be a story you will carry with you through your life and have the unique experience of building something ground up and have the satisfaction of seeing your product being used and paid for by thousands of customers.

We believe the world will look very different after this pandemic, as it did after the second world war and the financial crisis of 2008. We foresee a gigantic acceleration towards digitalization. Especially in the B2B space which has lagged behind B2C peers. But the pandemic will change that equation.

We are conscious of the challenges. But the most iconic companies are often founded in times of such upheavals. But we believe our odds are better because of the opportunity to configure ourselves at a very young stage for the new world without the pressure to defend existing revenue streams, head count balancing or pivoting the business model. We are better prepared to seize the opportunities this new world throws at us.

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