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Web 3.0 Subcommittee


Eric Anziani

Chair, Web 3.0 Subcommittee

Chief Operating Officer,

Kevin Pang

Kevin Pang

CEO, Legatus Global Pte Ltd

Bradian Mulady

Bradian Muliadi

CEO & Co-founder, Hawksight

Darren Ong

Darren Ong

CEO and Executive Director, Huobi Singapore

Tang Wei-1

Tang Wei

Public Policy Manager, APAC, Meta Financial Technologies, Meta

Federico Cristina-1

Federico Cristina

Co-founder, Domani Protocol & Director, Mindful Wealth Pte Ltd

Adrian Chng

Adrian Chng

Founder and Chairman, Fintonia Group

Daniel Lo-1

Daniel Lo

Chief Legal Officer, Cake DeFi